Top Ten Things That Should Have Happened to Adolf Hitler

The Top Ten

1 Getting Killed by a Jew

Actually getting tortured by Jews would also b nice

He so deserved it

I'm glad that he died in 1945. Since I was born in 2001 - ILoveCodySML


2 Get His Mustache Ripped by USA Then His Head Gets Hit by a Hammer from the Soviets and Gets Falcon Punch by Uk

The first part made me snort for some reason - LizardKing99

Rip that off already! - SamuiNeko

3 Getting Punched by Chuck Norris

The most reasonable death. - Therandom

4 Getting Burned by His Comrades

There was an assassination attempt very similar to this it was even by a comrade

Hell yeah! - ILoveCodySML

5 Gassed In His Own Extermination Camp

Justice - I80

This should have happened!

6 Winning the war without having to kill Jews

Would be better than violence.

Had the Holocaust not happened, I would stop hearing any references to it.

This is one of the only reasons why I hate Hitler.

7 Getting an Explosive Vodka by Stalin Then He Gets Blown Away

Both of them are evil people... I Think in WW2 Times... Most of World Leaders Are Evil
There is no Good Leader

Vodka is nice optio n

8 Gets Trolled by Goebbels Children
9 Realizing He Is In Narnia But It Was a Decoy and It's Really Hell
10 Getting His Mustache Ripped by Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin is just 4 days older!

HA HA HA so funny

Charlie Chaplin:Give me that! You copied me!
(rips off,puts it on top on his mustache)
Double mustache,deal with it. - SamuiNeko

Chaplin:you stole my mustache!
Hitler:no no no
Chaplin:*becomes Super Saiyan*
Chaplin:*rips his mustache*
Chaplin:you ruin my mustache.-. - CerealGuy

The Contenders

11 A Nazi Soldier grows a mind and kills him
12 He's stuck in jail with Justin Bieber

Realise how immature haters of Justin Bieber are. Hitler could not be alive now.

Yes... Best Way to Torture Someone :))

This killed me!

13 Be Resurrected
14 Getting Kicked by Sub-Zero In the Face

That would've been so awesome! - ILoveCodySML

15 Lived and tortured through prison

Worst way to die you feel it - 2storm

And plus you don't wish death upon your enemies - 2storm

16 All Cartoon Characters Beat Him Up

Gene: bOi u copy my mustache idiot *le smacc*
Hitler: ow I feel pain
Gene: yEy

17 Boiled in Blood in Hell
18 Chuck Norris Kicks Him Into a Volcano

Best way to go.

19 Chuck Norris Kicks Him In the Balls

Does he even have those? - SamuiNeko

He has 1 ball. not balls, the plural.

20 Get Sniped by His Own Men
21 He Falls In A Pit Of Lava
22 The Users of TheTopTens Torture Him
23 He Gets Torn Apart by Zombies

He deserve this

24 All Germans Attack Him
25 Went to Heaven and Beaten by the 6 Million Jews that He Killed.

Nearly ALL that are on this list.

Then they can banish him to hell.

26 Getting Sonic Rainboomed By Rainbow Dash
27 A wedgie

Lol x10 - ILoveCodySML

28 Fled to Argentina
29 Having his eyes and mouth sewed shut
30 Standing in the fires of hell near satan
31 Locked in a cage of violent and aggressive bodybuilders
32 Thanos disintegrates him
33 Pikachu sticks dynamite up his butt.
34 Choked on a pineapple
35 He gets accepted into art school
36 Gets sent to a Gulag Concentration Camp
37 All Russians Attack Him
38 Killed by Joseph Stalin
39 Stoned to death
40 Get in a wrestling match with The Terminator
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