Top Ten Things That Should Have Happened to Adolf Hitler


The Top Ten

1 Getting Killed by a Jew

He so deserved it

Actually getting tortured by Jews would also b nice

He deserved it

2 Get His Mustache Ripped by USA Then His Head Gets Hit by a Hammer from the Soviets and Gets Falcon Punch by Uk

The first part made me snort for some reason - LizardKing99

Rip that off already! - SamuiNeko

3 Getting Burned by His Comrades

There was an assassination attempt very similar to this it was even by a comrade

4 Getting Punched by Chuck Norris

The most reasonable death. - Therandom

5 Getting an Explosive Vodka by Stalin Then He Gets Blown Away

Both of them are evil people... I Think in WW2 Times... Most of World Leaders Are Evil
There is no Good Leader

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6 Gets Trolled by Goebbels Children
7 Realizing He Is In Narnia But It Was a Decoy and It's Really Hell
8 Getting His Mustache Ripped by Charlie Chaplin

Adolf, you know it's wrong to copy someone's style without permission. - SuperHyperdude

Charlie Chaplin:Give me that! You copied me!
(rips off,puts it on top on his mustache)
Double mustache,deal with it. - SamuiNeko

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9 Winning the war without having to kill Jews

Had the Holocaust not happened, I would stop hearing any references to it.

This is one of the only reasons why I hate Hitler.

10 Getting Kicked by Sub-Zero In the Face

The Newcomers

? Having his eyes and mouth sewed shut

The Contenders

11 A Nazi Soldier grows a mind and kills him
12 He's stuck in jail with Justin Bieber

Yes... Best Way to Torture Someone :))

This killed me!

13 Gassed In His Own Extermination Camp

This should have happened!

14 Lived and tortured through prison

Worst way to die you feel it - 2storm

And plus you don't wish death upon your enemies - 2storm

15 Be Resurrected
16 All Cartoon Characters beat him up.
17 Chuck Norris Kicks Him Into a Volcano

Best way to go.

18 Chuck Norris Kicks Him In the Balls V 2 Comments
19 Get Sniped by His Own Men
20 He Falls In A Pit Of Lava
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