Top 10 Things That Should Have Happened In Phineas and Ferb: Last Day of Summer (The Final Episode)

Even though the finale was great, I feel like there were a few missed opportunities. WARNING: Possible SPOILERS below

The Top Ten

1 Phineas and Ferb get busted

The twist could be that they get busted on accident. However, Candance actually ends up defending the boys. - TwitchandVinegar

2 Phineas and Isabella Kiss

I know there was "Act your Age" but it's kinda disappointing that it doesn't happen for another 10 years. - TwitchandVinegar

3 Phineas and Ferb gain their memories back from "Across the 2nd Dimension"

Now that Doofenshmirtz is good, I don't really see how Phineas and Ferb are in danger anymore. - TwitchandVinegar

4 Further interactions between Perry and Stacy
5 A bigger role for Jeremy

Him and Stacy were hardly even in the special! - TwitchandVinegar

*He and Stacy were hardly even in the special! - TwitchandVinegar

6 A mention of Phineas and Candance's real dad
7 An argument between Phineas and Ferb

The only thing that didn't happen in the series that should have happened is testing phineas and ferbs relationship

8 A recreation of the theme song

The theme song wasn't even in the final episode! - TwitchandVinegar

9 A hint of them going to school
10 An appearance by Diango Brown

The Contenders

11 Perry and Doof become best friends

They do ten years later - jp12960

12 Perry gets pregnant


13 Doofenshmirtz becomes good

He does, you dingbat.

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