Top 10 Things that Should Never Be Considered a Sin

Whether in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc..

Whether exclusively or not.

The Top Ten Things that Should Never Be Considered a Sin

1 Listening to Music

Listening to black metal isn't a sin - Neonco31

Is it even a sin? - pouria_mt

Some genres can't be called "music" and is therefore a sin. And such bands and artists should be charged with Grievous Bodily Harm to the earholes. - Britgirl

2 Having A Different Sexual Orientation

I'm proud to be a attack helicopter

My Youth Pastor is actually bisexual, and 6 members of the Youth Group alone are LGBTQ+

I'm a christian and to be honest, the anti-homosexuality rule is just strange. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Being gay is fine with me, it would be better if Christianity had less or no stupid reasons for sins. - TopTenTed

What if the particular sexual orientation is pedophilia? - clusium

3 Committing Suicide

I think committing suicide should be a sin. - Luckys

Well, ritual suicides were one of the many traditions of samurai back then in Japan that were done as an act of honor in order to avoid disgrace or execution. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What trouble can anyone possibly be in after the event, unless of course they don't succeed and is charged with attempted murder. - Britgirl

My Christian studies teacher said that there is no acceptable reason to kill yourself but I was still thinking there IS any acceptable reason to do so... - Neonco31

4 Killing Someone

Killing someone is a sin!

It depends. - Luckys

For self-defense or in war, that is acceptable - Neonco31

Are you kidding me? It's the greatest sin after not believing in god - pouria_mt

5 Masturbation

This is a sin? - Limeyy

As long as you do it in privacy, it's not going to hurt anybody, right? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Liberals love it!

Never ever thought that partaking in a spot of D.I.Y was considered a sin; especially when you have the house to yourself where there is no danger of anyone tripping over your tools. - Britgirl

6 Having Anal Sex

Anal sex is disgusting & useless form of sex, regardless if its between homo or heterosexual couples. - clusium

Useless? I'd say, if you're used to having stuff put in your butt, it can be pleasurable. - Satire

7 Viewing Nudity

Entertainment media has pretty much glorified nudity, so it would be impossible to avoid it, let alone with ease. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 Apostasy
9 Having Tattoos

It depends on the tattoo's design and nature - Neonco31

10 Sexuality

The Contenders

11 Farting in Public and Enjoying the Smell of It

Not a sin, but what the hell? - Limeyy

Not a sin. But I still wouldn't do it.

Not a sin, per se. But enjoying the smell? You got bigger problems.

12 Skipping School

This isn't sin.This should be good deed

13 Hate
14 Lust
15 Anger
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