Top 10 Things That Should Not Happen In 2016

A sequel of "top 10 things that should happen in 2016". 2016 is comming soon and the year would be ruined if those things happens

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41 Nicki Minaj makes another album

She should just retire.

We all will die one day

42 The Xbox 360 and PS3 Get Discontinued

Uh.. They were made in like 2 years ago - DontMakeARookieMistake

I hope the Xbox 360 stays, PS3, not a fan.

43 The World Ends

This is the worst thing that can happen

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44 Disney makes Frozen a TV show

I hope not, that is probably going to suck, but since it is overrated, it might happen. So far this year they had not made that, and I am proud that did not happen. They would probably put awful songs and most of the series is going to be about Anna and Elsa argueing. - AnimeDrawer

It could be possible with how overrated it is, but hopefully they don't.

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45 One Direction still exist

They died down; The new boyband phase is 5SOS. - Swellow

46 The Zombie Apocalypse
47 Iggy Azalea makes another album

Please never make an album again EVER!

Bad news; Her newest album Digital Distortion is coming out soon. - Swellow

48 Undertale Gets a Sequel

Again, this is for Bad Things That Could Happen, not Best Things That Could Happen.

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49 Gravity Falls gets cancelled

It will end in February 15, 2016, it's had it's run, Alex Hirsch planned it to run 2 seasons with a mid season finale at season 2, this will mean the death of Disney Channel.

Dislike my comment all you want but I hate Gravity Falls. Thank Disney for cancelled that piece of garbage!

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50 Vailskibum94 Gets 1 Million Subscribers
51 Hillary Clinton Is Elected As President

All the idiot trolls tell you it would be catastrophic. Like the Republicans have anybody. Hillary is the best choice and it's not even close. To those of you threatening to move if she's elected, I've got one word for ya---GOODBYE!

Oh my goodness, I hope not. I mean I am happy she'll be the first female president and all but... she won't make the right choices..

I'm republican.. - KingofPawns

Something tells me that this would be catastrophic.

My Father says she's very Anti-Police

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52 Artists like Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Cher Lloyd, and 2 Chainz keep making music

Retire everyone except kesha because I like her music.

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53 Obama Passes A Law That He Can Run Again

Better than Hillary, I can say that.. - KingofPawns

Obama cannot make laws. Only Congress can. - DontMakeARookieMistake

Mother of God, life wouldn't be worth living! - QuarterGuysApprentice

I'm so sick of Obama.

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54 Beyonce killing animals again

Oh no! She already killed 888,000,000,000 animals! She will go to jail if this happens. - kitten2015

Did Beyonce really killed so many animals?! - LucyHeartfilia

What world do you people live in?

55 SpongeBob Becomes Worse

I don't want a sequel to The Splinter... - CasinLetsGoBowling

The sad thing is that it gets worse with every passing season. This will likely happen. - Minecraftcrazy530

SpongeBob has improved hugely since 2011. I don't think the show COULD get any worse. Not better than it was in 2002, but we have already seen the worst. - Svampbob164

It's already had subliminal messages in it, Pay close attention

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56 Osama Bin Laden Resurrects

He ain't going to. He's dead, he's dead. Period.

57 The brutal war between the nerds and geeks finally happens

More like between the nerds/geeks and the jocks

58 BenTheGamer Dies
59 Stephen Hawking becomes a rapper

I'm imagining his computer voice singing about physics.


60 Dipper Goes To Taco Bell 2
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