Top 10 Things That Should Not Happen In 2016

A sequel of "top 10 things that should happen in 2016". 2016 is comming soon and the year would be ruined if those things happens

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81 iPhone 7 Releases

Actually that would be a good thing

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82 Hideki Naganuma dies
83 A Sonic Boom game is composed by Yuzo Koshiro

That would be a waste of his efforts. - drdevil

84 Britgirl becomes a bodybuilder

LOL - drdevil

85 Samuineko Becomes a Rock Singer
86 Masafumi Ogata becomes a rockstar
87 Johnny Gioeli Gets Run Over By A Truck
88 Disney Buys Nintendo

Never let this happen. The same goes for every other video game developer or publisher.

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89 More Crappy Songs Get Played

Music is becoming more dull, they need more creativity, what happened to those cool fun electronic dance songs that were earlier in the 2000s.

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90 Trump Wins the Election

This better not happen---threedots


91 Gay marriage in Zimbabwe
92 Ben Carson is elected President of the United States

I think Carson will withdraw when he learns that the president actually has to stay awake sometimes...

Thankfully, this has no chance of happening.

Not such a bad thing. He would be drastically better than Hillary Clinton, or Comrade Bernie Sanders, but then, so would my pet goat.
The rest of the GOP field is not that great either, so you could say Dr. Carson is the least of numerous evils, and he would be the smartest person to ever hold the office.

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93 Disney Channel fires all their pretty actresses and replaces them with Rowan Blanchard clones
94 G. Hannelius dies
95 Rock N' Roll Doesn't Come Back

It's possible to bring them back if more people listen to them - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

96 Donald Trump Wins The Election

America would be screwed

97 Justin Bieber Makes A New Album

He should make one about how bad his songs were and be sorry for how Love Yourself was made

No please no, I can't believe people like his new album, mamy people in my school like Sorry, but its annoying in my opinion. I don't like any of his songs, his old ones were annoying, his new ones are boring.

98 Dora Gets To Go To All Channels Nationwide

I would commit suicide if THAT happened

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99 All New Animes Start To Suck
100 Taylor Swift Breaks Up With Calvin Harris And Makes An Album About Him

No more songs about break ups Taylor - GenoKenneth

Well it already happened, but at least she did not make a song-AnimeDrawer85

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