Top Ten Things That Should Stop Being Romanticized In Stories


The Top Ten

1 Mental Illness

*cough, cough* 13 Reasons Why - CloudInvasion

This includes depression, or whatever else the dark side of Tumblr clings to desperately. Seriously, if I hear another edgy teenager say “i'm depressed lol” I’m going to face-keyboard. If you actually have depression, you would not put lol at the end of your sentence. It’s not cool to have a mental disorder. - ResonatingScreamS

To understand depression, you have to know someone who has/has had it. There's a reason I decided to tackle that topic in my writing: I've been there. - Cyri

2 Suicide

No, suicidal people are not ‘angels that want to go home’! - ResonatingScreamS

3 Rape

If you think this is romantic then unfollow me. You sicken me. - ResonatingScreamS

4 Abusive Relationships

And this is why Twilight sucks. Well, one of the reasons. - Zach808

Seriously, stop with these. - ResonatingScreamS

5 Self-Harm

Just, please don't. - ResonatingScreamS

6 Murder

No, just because someone's being a b*tch does not give you the right to stab them with a dagger. - ResonatingScreamS

7 Stalkers

...and neither are people like these. - ResonatingScreamS

8 Stockholm Syndrome

Kidnappers are not sexy... - ResonatingScreamS

9 Teenage Pregnancies

Just stop with this. - ResonatingScreamS

Underage pregnancy, how healthy. - isaaonrtdmtr

10 Bad Boys

Some bad boys are okay, but in lots of stories they're usually jerks who the main character only loves because of his looks. - ResonatingScreamS

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? - CloudInvasion

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