Top 10 Things That Shouldn't Be Banned from Schools

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1 Tag
2 Grilled Cheese


3 Dancing
4 Rainbow Looms
5 Internet

Yah it would be fun - mathguy37

6 Porn

I don't think this is good to do at school...

Did a teenager post this idea by any chance?

Seems like some 15 year old drop out posted it - Maddox121

I remember when I did this - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

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7 Hats

They probably think you're hiding a gun or a weapon under it.

This kinda makes sense. It's called tradition. - LordDovahkiin

8 Manga

Same as anime

9 Anime

Same as manga

10 After School Clubs

No they don't ban it - yanzchenthebest

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? Fidget Spinners

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11 Music
12 Learning

Isn’t that the point of school? - 3DG20

13 Chewing Gum

Well would you want to step in someone's gum? Didn't think so - Gametheorysucks

14 Fart Guns

Lol - mathguy37

15 Video Games
16 Phones
17 Twerking

I don't know what drugs you're on but twerking seems like a valid thing for schools to ban.

I think this guy who made this was a drop out at the age of 13 cause this is weird...

18 Guns
19 Marijuana
20 Sun Glasses
21 Latin

So boring

22 Sex

What drugs are you on? This should be banned from school!

23 White-Soled Shoes

My old middle school actually banned them for traction reasons.

24 Short Shorts
25 Drugs
26 Best Friends

It makes others feel "second best." I hate schools. - LordDovahkiin

27 Fidget Cubes
28 Conservatism
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