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121 Chop Suey! - System of a Down (Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century)

It's not a metal song.

122 Tiger (Top 10 Strongest Land Animals)
123 Superman64 (Worst Video Games)

I think Desert Bus is worse.

Yea desert bus is worse. Superman has stuff to do in that game other than driving a bus that only goes up! Also you have to wait 8 hours to drive the bus at the place you need!

Ah yes. How did I forget this? - Puga

A better game for first place would be Hong Kong 97

Minecraft exists... enough said. - ThatOneRacer

Minecraft is great, people just like to hate on it because it's popular, also you play ROBLOX too, which is now way worse than Minecraft (it use to be better though) - venomouskillingmachine

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124 Rick Ross (Top Ten Fakest Rappers)

Why the hell is this on here? He deserves it.

Ricky Rozay is the realest.

125 Heavy Metal (Best Music Genres of All Time)

Heavy Metal is good, but it's overrated. VERY OVERRATED. Alternative is better - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Why? I'm not saying Metal is the best genre of all time, but I think that this is a good thing because more and more people will open their eyes and realize that not ALL metal is satanic.
You don't have to like metal but don't go around saying that all of it is satanic because it's not fact. It's not fact at all.

Heavy Metal DOES deserve to be number 1. It has the most talent and passionate fans ever. Whoever put this on the list I just hate.

I'm sure I like rap more than this...

its getting overrated...

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126 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Best Animated Television Shows)

SpongeBob is way better - PatrickStar

Immaturity added it there - TheKirbyCreeper999

I am a Brony but seriously, it shouldn't be first.

It deserves to be number one - Neonco31

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127 Xbox One (Worst Consoles Ever)
128 Falling in love (Best Things That Can Happen To You)

I think this one was pretty accurate. - Garythesnail

129 They Think You're Lying Even When You're Telling The Truth (Most Annoying Things About Parents)
130 Doomcraft (Top Ten Growtopia Players)
131 Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO (Worst Music Videos Ever)

Is it really worse than Stupid Hoe? Is it REALLY?

All they do is wiggle their dick. MAKE autotuned farts and die. - AlphaQ

132 He's Illuminati (10 Reasons to Hate Lil Wayne) V 1 Comment
133 Teacher (Top Ten Best Person to Lose Your Virginity To)

This is seriously number 1?

134 Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up (Top Ten Rap Albums by Female Artists)
135 Pitbull (Top Ten Musical Artists You'd Like to Perform the National Anthem)

I'd rather have Iced Earth perform the national anthem (hey at least they made an instrumental cover of the Star-Spangled Banner).

136 O.T. Genasis (Top Ten Rappers That Should Be More Famous In 2015)

I highly doubt anyone will remember him once we leave the 2010s.

137 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj (Worst Songs to Play at a Funeral)

Lol. It does deserve to be number one.

138 Chuck Norris (Worst People Ever)

Chuck Norris is gonna find and kill whoever added him on that list - venomouskillingmachine

What worst person ever what the...

He's gonna find you, dawg...! MWAHAHAAHA - AlphaQ

True and the keyboerd myth is a lie I mean Chuck Noris the best no he is is htrlhgodzilhzsudgh;sfdghfz L:Do wi xccsadfasjfhs dkfjsdhffgbvdsjkfgsdfsjdgfSjdgfsjfgvjchgvsdjzlfgsdgjfsdfskfgsdfjg h fjzds KSJgdk JL: gsajdg

139 The Navy SEAL who Shot Osama Bin Laden claimed to Have Worn a Demon Hunter Patch on His Mission (Top 10 Music Facts)
140 David Guetta (Top Ten DJs)
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