Things You Shouldn't Do After Watching a Scary Movie

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Go to Bed/Sleep

I wouldn't go to bed after a scary movie, I try to stay up if I watched it late a night

I told my mom not to do so when I thought she was watching The Exorcist.

I had a nightmare last night I was at a school and this girl wanted to inject me with poison. I ran everywhere and she followed me it was so scary she almost got me I had to escape the school but when ever I tried she was at the door it was HORRIBLE. But she never got me THANK GOD! CURSE YOU SIGNS. (Alien movie)

One time, I was watching and talking to my friends about a creepypasta. Once I went home, its nearly bedtime. Aw crap. I can't sleep since I knew I would have nightmares. But on the other hand I'm also very scared since my only source of light when its bedtime is this dim pink night light. Sometimes, I'm even afraid to go to the bathroom! (I know its no. 2 but number 1 is more true about me life). The night goes on well. But thinking about creepypasta just make me horrified.

Go to the Bathroom

I always look behind the shower curtain than I turn on the hallway lights then I leave the door open and pee then flush really quietly then wash my hands quietly then dry my hands, turn off the bathroom light and lean on the wall while turning off the hallway lights then I run the rest of the way to my room then slam the door shut then look in my closet. But I still feel like the killers gonna get me laugh out loud. But just always remember that a killer can't just enter your house out of the blue. Like before you watched the movie no one was in your house so after no one will still be in your house.

Mirror mirror on the wall!
So the ghost can kill you from two sides now! :P

Whenever I'm trying to go to the bathroom (like after Blair Witch Project), I sprint accross my room to it. I slam the door and quietly turn on the lights. I don't FLUSH that might attract the witches attention. Quietly wash my hands, then turn off the light slowly then RUN to my room where I sleep under the covers

When I was going to the bathroom after my peeing I done my bath when I was in the middle of the bath I hard a noise I looked I saw no one and I hare it again so I ran to my room and shut the door

Open the Door For a Stranger

Uh duh what if they kill you

You know better NEVER open a door for a stranger knock EM dead

Okay this is for any situation being honest..

True never a good idea too

Stay In the House While Everyone Else Leaves

its can be scary alone especially after watching a scary movie

Sceam will get you alone that's why you leave with everyone else its just dumb to leave

We were in a hotel with my family we watched scream my family went to nthe market and I was at the hotel(I'm 12 so I am allowed) when I was doing dancing the electricity was gone and I was so scared and I went to the hotel corridor and talked to the reception and when we came the elecricty was back and when the reception leaved from the hotel room it was gone again I went to the toilet and it was dark when I tried to open it it was locked(I started to scream and cry) the elecricty came back and silly me I locked the door it was just hilarious

Noe way hozah (however you say it)

Get Something From the Closet

Yeah. I agree. What if something jumps out or as you guys all might know closets can be pretty dark inside.

Whether it is after a scary movie or not my closet is so dark and I have this secret room in my closet and I feel like an evil wizard is gonna jump out and kill me.

Takes me a while to open mine because I get scared :'(

I always quickly get my clothes

Walk Towards the Creepy Noise That You Hear

I did that when I was moving out my sis was sitting in the corner for an odd reason

Is it the thanks logo then-Miles ''Tails'' prower P.S the new ask tails video came out on my youtube channel

I wouldn't dare because I'd just flung my bed covers over my self

When I hear that, I grab the nearest "weapon".

Go Outside

Going outside would be scary, especially if you go right to the end of the garden

Go out side is just ridiculouse all the creeps can get you if there is not at least a fence!


In that case,just RUN! Especially if your going somewhere,and run fast also

Take a Shower/Bath

The movie Halloween was the first scary movie I saw, so I only went to see it because of my friend was with me and I thought everyone was just exaggerating the effects. I usually walk outside, laps around the driveway, at night and a week later and I'm still debating going out there to walk outside.

Holy! I did this after watching Michael Myers. I was scared to death. And, I was in the house alone. Scariest shower of my life. And right, as someone else said,... Norman Bates.

Norman Bates can get you there.

It is so creepy because it's like you feel that someone like samara, Freddy, Jason, Michael, or Reagan will just kill you- in the shower!

Watch Justin Bieber

-It will scare you to death, just trust me on this one

Even if I hate him, this actually wouldn't be scary.

It is always scary.

I don't need no scary movie. I watch is video called Baby and I get scared

Think/ remember about it while you go to bed

Who would do this! I mean whenever I watch a scary movie and go to bed, for some reason I always start thinking about the movie! When this happens I started getting a feeling that a ghost is in my room.

Definitely frightening! Just sitting alone in a dark room, waiting to go to sleep.

I just saw a video of people playing slender man, thought "this isn't so scary" went to bed like I regularly do. Remembered slender man. Couldn't sleep. Was overreactive about every thing

I'm like that to lmao

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Look at Yourself In a Mirror While Flicking the Lights On and Off

ugh, it's hideous!... oh wait I forgot to flick the lights, hehehehehe, lmfao

Why would anyone in their right mind do this? Anything else I can easily do after a horror flick. But this... I would crap myself!

who would actually do this and why is it only coming 9th

I just did this today an hour ago. Now I'm reading this this, I got the creeps.

Turn Off All the Lights In Your House During Nighttime

In this creepy game that I like called Silent Dark which revolves around keeping a horrifying alien out of your house or just like the nite owl from adventure time in your dreams and if its in your dreams that means that it will kill you and remember turn the lights on at nightt

I always leave the bathroom light on

If I ever did, I'd run as fast as I could to any of the beds

I would put this 1

Watch Another Scary Movie

Hey, I just watched the Shining! Now I'm gonna watch The Exorcist, The Grudge, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street!

I do agree. But if you watch many at one time, their shock value will go down.

True! Also IF you would watch another one don't watch another one. Or another one. Or even another one. And a other one...

Ya so know you see freddy and jason oh and also Michael myers.. -_-

Look Under The Bed

Dude below me I look under my bed too. Turned out I actually saw my pet crab. Cool that you have kat as a buddy. Did not know she can fit under a bed.

It was my unforgettable experience.i was watching the grudge3 at night with lights off in my room,suddenly my T.V. remote control dropped down to my bed.first I didn't dare to pick it. Then movie break gave me a chance to pick it.when I watch under my bed my face became red.two bright eyes were watching me. I ran toward my hall & yelled ghost! Ghost! & turned on the lights,my mother and elder brother woke up.i said there is someone under my bed!
When they saw, it was cat.

Play Five Nights At Freddy's

I get scared while just playing hide and seek in the mornings! LOL

I hate it and never PLAYED it

Oh my god the Kim Kardashian game is scarier than this! This game sucks ass!

I never play it period. A boring slop.

Look Out the Window

I did once after watching the most stupidest scary movie and saw a face staring back at me.

I think that face was your reflection

It was your imagination, probably


Go to the Garage

Lol really?

i would go there, open the gate, on my car,

Have Sex

It's always a fine time to do the bed deal with a toaster!

Don't have sex or else Jason gets you

*hears a noise*
woman "What was that! "
man "Its nothing"

Too bad m8 I already did with no condom

Pick Up the Telephone

oh if you pick up the phone you will die in 7 days hahahahaha! it freaky! you gotta try it!

Never ever pick a phone which has a number that you don't know never open

The Ring has 7 letters = 7 Days

Time to bash the T.V..

U took that off of the ring "7 days" lol I love that movie I'm dying to see part 2 but it's so hard to find

Go Outside Into the Shed

Mystic Timbers at Kings Island in a nutshell.

Where that creepy chainsaw killer is?



Bloody Mary...

What? It's always a fine time to have sex!

Two idiotic high school girls drew "Bloody Mary" in red stuff on the mirror and there were KINDEGARTEN kids :( They should be seeing Elsa and Anna, not some nightmares

No comment, just a scream

Oh get over it bloody Mary's not that scary at least they didn't draw Jeff the killers face : d I'd love that

Listen to Creepy Music-box Music
Play With China Dolls
Watch the Movie With the Lights Off, Then Turn the TV Off Immediately After It Ends

It would be too dark and then you get paranoid that someone is watching you or they're about to pop out and kill you

Don't get me started

Go Down In the Basement

There’s a place in my basement where there’s pipes on the ceiling and every time I go to the basement I constantly imagine a dead body hanging from the pipes. Very creepy.

Play Hide and Seek

Yep, totally agree. I was scared to death after seeing a pic of a zombie. SCREW YOU ZOMBIES!

No one is making any noise. Someone could jump out at any time


I saw a movie where a family is playing hde n seek and the mom counts and the she searched when she looks behind the bookshelf a doll comes a captures her so scary...

Read Creepypasta

This is bad even when you DON'T watch a horror movie.

This is a really bad idea.

After a horror movie I read a creepypasta that night I couldn't sleep

Why in the hell would someone do this in the first place

Watch Happy Tree Friends

At least it's less scary

Never Say You Will Be Right Back Because You Won't Be Right Back, You Will Be Dead
Re-Watch the Movie


Stroke a Pet

This actually helps a lot.

yes it helps!

Cujo. enough said.


Year sure, especially when you see Italian classic cannibal or zombie movies. They are full of gore and violence.

I Ate and Drank during a movie. Spit out half the food when the pop ups arrived.
Ate and Drank AFTER a movie. Threw it up 2 hours later.

I love eating Pocky

Listen to Music

Jesus christ do not listen to 'careful with that axe eugene' by pink floyd after watching the texas chainsaw massacre

This actually makes you feel relieved.

I use to listen music loudly after I watch scary movie or reading scary book.

Yup, I am a music lover

Attempt to Summon Bloody Mary

Who in their right minds would do that?! I'm sure I won't do it...

I don't think Cosmo would even do this!

Who would do a dumb thing like that

Uh... What is bloody Mary?

Use a telephone


Hide In the Attic

Name somebody that would do that.

Think of the movie while going to bed

Honestly, I did this, and I couldn't go to sleep! Don't think of the music to the movie either!

Watch Adventure Time

Because the animation is just... Ugh ):

Watch YouTube

But you can watch funny videos


Unless your watching Vines or The Amazing World Of Gumball you’re ok.

If you’re watching funny videos, then you’re fine.
Watching videos from Liza Koshys yt channel always makes me feel better

Watch the News

I watched a horror movie and then watched news it said there is a clown who killed 30 kids 40teens and 60adults and it said the police is trying to find it and it still is in 2016

I watched a a horror movie then news it said something then scared

Darn! The news always has scary pictures and headlines on!

Go to the Cellar
Look Back
Say It Wasn't Scary

Or you will get more scared

Say that Wasn't Real
Go Into the Darkness
Go to a Haunted House

Why would anyone do this

Make Out
Take Your Eyes Off the Clapping Monkey
Say "Candyman" While Facing a Mirror
Watch the Kinder Egg Man
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