Things You Shouldn't Do After Watching a Scary Movie


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21 Play With China Dolls
22 Play Hide and Seek

Yep, totally agree. I was scared to death after seeing a pic of a zombie. SCREW YOU ZOMBIES!

No one is making any noise. Someone could jump out at any time

I saw a movie where a family is playing hde n seek and the mom counts and the she searched when she looks behind the bookshelf a doll comes a captures her so scary...

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23 Listen to Creepy Music-box Music
24 Watch the Movie With the Lights Off, Then Turn the TV Off Immediately After It Ends V 1 Comment
25 Go Down In the Basement
26 Watch Happy Tree Friends V 1 Comment
27 Stroke a Pet V 2 Comments
28 Eat

Year sure, especially when you see Italian classic cannibal or zombie movies. They are full of gore and violence. - Alexandr

I Ate and Drank during a movie. Spit out half the food when the pop ups arrived.
Ate and Drank AFTER a movie. Threw it up 2 hours later.

29 Listen to Music

This actually makes you feel relieved.

I use to listen music loudly after I watch scary movie or reading scary book. - BeaM456

30 Attempt to Summon Bloody Mary

Who in their right minds would do that?! I'm sure I won't do it...

I don't think Cosmo would even do this!

Who would do a dumb thing like that

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31 Go Outside Into the Shed
32 Watch Adventure Time

Because the animation is just... Ugh ):

33 Use a telephone
34 Watch YouTube V 3 Comments
35 Read Creepypasta

This is bad even when you DON'T watch a horror movie. - higgsboson2142

After a horror movie I read a creepypasta that night I couldn't sleep

Why in the hell would someone do this in the first place

Scarier than anything else on the list.

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36 Watch the News

I watched a horror movie and then watched news it said there is a clown who killed 30 kids 40teens and 60adults and it said the police is trying to find it and it still is in 2016

I watched a a horror movie then news it said something then scared

Darn! The news always has scary pictures and headlines on!

37 Hide In the Attic

Name somebody that would do that.

38 Never Say You Will Be Right Back Because You Won't Be Right Back, You Will Be Dead
39 Re-Watch the Movie V 1 Comment
40 Think of the movie while going to bed

Honestly, I did this, and I couldn't go to sleep! Don't think of the music to the movie either!

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