Top 10 Things That Shouldn't Happen In the Next Century


The Top Ten

1 World War III

Probably won't happen, but you never know. Nobody can predict the future. If it does happen, it will probably go like this:
ISIS takes over all of Iraq and Syria and invades Jordan to get to Israel. They also attack Turkey. Since Turkey is a member of NATO, all of the NATO countries including the USA will be dragged into the conflict. Vladimir Putin declares himself the Czar of Russia and begins to support ISIS so he can split Turkey with them and get in on the oil, but to do this he has to take over all of Ukraine to gain access to the black sea. Ukraine joins NATO just days before the Russian invasion for protection, forcing NATO to declare war on Russia. Meanwhile, Iran nukes Jerusalem and nukes new Delhi to convince Pakistan to form an alliance with them to destroy India and Israel. They join Russia and ISIS and other crazy terrorists like Al Queda and Hamas. Somebody blows up Mecca with a nuclear bomb and nobody takes credit for it, causing the remaining neutral Arab countries ...more

2 The Zombie Apocalypse

I would love that, because I have a bunker

3 The End of the World

There's just no hope of surviving. At least everything else you can survive. - IpodSwagger

It would depend on.. how.. the world ends.


4 Hitler Comes Back to Life

Let's pray that will never happen - BorisRule

Even if he did come back to life, nobody would believe any that he says because the world knows what happened the last time. He and whatever goons stupid enough to follow him would be arrested and tried by the UN for crimes against humanity and killed.

Hopefully, it won't happen. Bringing back someone to life is impossible - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I hope he will, so he can finnaly pay for what he has done!

5 Dogs Become Extinct

Shut up dog hater!

That would be the best thing I n world

6 All Music is Banned and Destroyed
7 Cannibals Take Over
8 America vs Russia in War

If it does happen come join me in nz when I'm rich and famous I will get a boat for all you guys here to go down to Antarctica to chill safe from it all

9 The White House Blows Up
10 The President or Leader of a Country Betrays Their Country

This actually happens more commonly than you might think, but not so much in the developed world.

The Contenders

11 China Rules Asia

Yeah, the chances are 1%because of Russia, India, Japan,Pakistan and Un

12 Donald Trump Becomes President

It happened in 2016 - BorisRule

13 Isis Conquers the Middle East
14 America Becomes a Theocratic Dictatorship

I'd join the resistance.

15 Iran Gets Nuclear Weapons
16 Nobody Does Anything to Stop Climate Change
17 Animals Begin to Talk

Think about it, if we started advancing animals to think and talk like us then there will be even more overpopulation then there already is. Plus we wouldn't have anymore meat to eat.

No way

18 Total Thermonuclear War
19 Another Mass Genocide Occurs
20 Russia Becomes the Most Powerful Country
21 The United Nations is disbanded.
22 Authoritarian populists take over Europe and the United States.
23 The Yellowstone supervolcano erupts
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