Top Ten Things That Shouldn't Have Happened In Warrior Cats

Things in the warrior cats universe would have been better without these events! Also has things that could have been done better.

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21 Feathertail Dies

Just sad

22 The name Maggottail

What horrible cat named him? Imagine naming your child Maggot. - Emberflight_of_StormClan


23 Snowkit dies just to move Speckletail to the elders' den

Talk about ruined character potential. It would of been amazing to see the development of a deaf cat adapting Clanlife. If the Erins have the ability/skill to write a blind a blind character, they can write a deaf character, it just takes a bit of research and planning. Reducing a deaf kit's death as a way to move forward a subplot of a very minor character is lazy and possibly offensive. - Mellowix

Well, she wanted to think her kit was perfect, absolutely perfect. Like there was nothing wrong with him and he'd be the best at whatever he became. I think lots of queens think like that. Scratch that. Every queen except Rainflower ( well she thought that, formally ) or anyone else who had some reason not to love their kits. I think Fireheart or someone else asked him something and he replied, " S'all again? " I don't know. Haven't read that in awhile. But yes he was caught by eagles and died. And then... Speckletail, with extreme kit depression, becomes an elder. Considering Snowkit was an only kit, he was spoiled. When Speckletail found out her son was deaf, she snapped. She even tried teaching Snowkit a little bit before he was carried off. But there are a LOT more cats that have gone through worse with kits. One of the most obvious. Bluestar! Her kits, Mistystar and Stonefur, were given up. Bluestar's ambition forced her to take the life of a deputy and eventually leader. ...more

24 Hawkflight's Journey

I haven't the vaguest idea what happens in the book, and I read it through.

This is what happened:

Pebblepaw and Duskpaw are burning aiee aiee
Hawkwing saves pebblepaw
Hey brother plays while he sees Duskpaw's dead body
In the middle of the song
Badger attack
Darktail murders people
Sharpclaw is also murdered by Darktail
Hawkwing: daddy no
Someone dies
Some other person dies and Hawkwing screams
Hawkwing is now in a relationship with Pebbleshine
Pebbleshine is taken away
Someone dies
Several other cats die
Some twoleg thinks he's better than cats
Some guy screams for 14 minutes because someone died then he died
An hour later someone died
Hawkwing: everyone died

25 Feathertail and Crowpaw falling in love.

Feathertail shouldn't have loved Crowfeather.

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26 Crookedstar banished

He never got banished from his clan.

He should not have been banished but without hem being banished he wouldn't have become leader. -foxfang 😺

27 Feathertail dying

Yeah, then Leafpool and Crowfeather wouldn't have happened and ruined all the harmony between the clans.

28 Scourge Turning Evil

He would have been such a cool cat if it weren't for Ruby!

And Socks.

29 The fire destroying the Thunderclan camp

Then the two elders and Yellowfang could have lived

Yellowfang wouldn't have died!

30 Dovewing being born

Yeah, she had no use in the slightest. She was used to make a dumb love triangle! Ivypool and Hollyleaf did more than she did, Hollyleaf deserved that spot! DIE DOVEWING!


31 The cats going to fight the beavers

I get that they needed water, but at least get more cats!

32 A cat called maggot tail

Imagin being called maggot kit? A mother must hate there kit if she gave it that name!
Mother: oh! I hate kits, I'm just going to call you maggot kit!
Maggot kit: starts crying
Mother: oh maggot kit! Stop yelling! *walks off to get death berries*

33 Breezepelt doesn't die

He should have! He really should have!

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