Top Ten Things to Shout In a Quiet Doctor's Waiting Room

Have you ever sat in a crowded but awkwardly quiet doctor's surgery and wished someone would break the silence? What would be the amusing thing for someone to announce suddenly and loudly in such a quiet space?

The Top Ten

1 Well, at least the snow's gone!

This list is probably one of the most underrated on this site. - Misfire

I think that is funny but the most sane of the bunch

2 Well this is nice ain't it?!
3 What's up doc?

Is this a Back to the Future reference? I love that movie! - Misfire

I must have taken the wrong turn at (forgot the name of that place ) - Toucan

Laugh out loud! It's Bugs Bunny puns all over again. - NerdyPweeps

4 Wish the doc would get his bloody finger out!

Yes I HAVE actually heard this. - Britgirl

5 Who's farted?!

Britgirl, you are FART obsessed! But I still like you! - Barry2013

OH MY GOD! If someone shouted this, I wnuld need surgery myself! Ha! FART! - Britgirl

This is another one of your hilarious lists Tina! 😂 - Userguy44

Again with the farts? Oh Britgirl! 😂
I still love you, though. :3 - Misfire

6 I hate waiting rooms!
7 Who likes Chas 'n' Dave?
8 Nice weather for the time of year, ain't it?

The man next to you then replies "Yeah, it's nice but usually I'm off in Andorra skiing." - Merilille

9 Good morning baby!
10 FIRE!

Yeah that would cause a lot of commotion laugh out loud. :D

The Contenders

11 I need a crap!
12 Hey, dude, the world will end in, errr... lemme see, 27 seconds.

Yeah right, the world will end by 2050 - Lordvader3500

That's a funny item in a funny list

13 We're out of anesthetic!

It's not exactly what one would want to hear, is it? Everyone will start looking at each other frantically, and probably jumping from the window. - PositronWildhawk

14 Push hard! We need all the hands we can get!

Everything is calm. Everything is silent. There's waiting room music quietly doodling in the background. People are staring silently and blankly at old magazines. Then suddenly, someone yells "Push hard! We need all the hands we can get! " and everyone screams and runs amok in random directions. Laugh out loud. - PositronWildhawk

15 I flunked out of medical school!

Hahalolz this is hilarious! - HezarioSeth

16 I need to take a dump so hurry it up in there!
17 Hey, I'm actually Obama's daddy, you know, sort of.
18 I am Dr. Mario and I am saving lives!

I look different in this game :D - Rocko

19 It's too quiet
20 Right that's it. I'm off!

I felt like doing this whenever I was waiting. I was the last person in there and I arrived at 4:30 and I wait about an hour and a half and until we got treated. And it was when it was closed! - funnyuser

21 Take me with you!!!
22 Excuse me, sir... This doctor of yours, does he kill you before or afterwards?
23 Is this bloke really a doctor?
24 Do the Harlem Shake!!!!
25 Please!? Please!? Don't give me a shot!
28 Oh god where am I? Am I dead?
29 Fire in the wigwam!
30 Do any of you happen to know how to fly a plane?

No, but I know how to tie a knot! - Rocko

31 Soooo...watcha all in here for?? Wanna know why I am??? Because I need to have plastic surgery done on my belly button!

To be honest I have no idea what I would’ve done if someone yelled that in the doctor’s waiting room!

32 Silence!
33 You'll wake the neighbors!
34 Where'd everybody go?!
35 Give me food, give me fries, give me salad on the side!

Cause why not? - Userguy44

36 Hello Nurse
37 Hot nurse
38 I love you nurse!
39 You suck!
40 It don't feel like a Saturday!!
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