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1 They keep rehashing their old Mario and Pokemon games

If they change even one thing in a Pokemon game, then there gonna be a lot backlash. Just look a the motion control catching in Let's Go when it was first revealed. And I don't see Nintendo changing Mario.

Mario and Pokemon nowadays are recycled as much as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. - FreeBoy

I agree with Mario, it seems the same each time to me, but with Pokemon there are usually new plots/pokemon/maps, and if there's not, they add extras to make it a bit more interesting without ruining the original. - SheWolfCloud

They don't though really.
Mario 3D World - Mario and his friends save the sprixies
Mario Odyssey - Mario's hat comes to life and helps him along.
Only ones that I can see your point on are the New Super Mario Bros games. - B1ueNew

2 A lazy attempt to make a shooter game

Squids that cannot swim - User1234

Splatoon is overrated. I rather play other games than this literal mess of a game.

Splatoon was lackluster at launch, I admit that. It improved with it's free updates though. Now that Splatoon 2 has been out for a few years, I can say that it is the most addicting shooter I have played in a long time. I love this game so much. - Atham

Splatoon is not bad. - B1ueNew

3 Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch

I'm actually worried that Sony and Microsoft will copy Nintendo with this console. The Switch has so many flaws. No internet browser is one of them.

Call it overrated if you want, but I absolutely adore my Switch. Easily one of my absolute favorite consoles. - Atham

It is a 9th gen console that is technically inferior to Sony and Microsoft's 8th gen consoles. The Joy cons are terrible which forces the consumer to spend even more money on either a Gamecube controller and adapter or a Pro controller. When the 9th gen consoles come out they will be vastly superior in terms of power, graphics frame rates, etc. Rendering The Switch pretty much obsolete. So yeah, it's overrated. - RobertWisdom

Okay I do find the Switch overrated, but I still love my Switch. - RadioHead03

This console gets too much respect, the GameCube was so much better! - FreeBoy

The gamecube was my favorite system until the Switch was released. I adore it and so do a ton of people. I'm not copying and pasting any more research so now I'm just lamely fighting with my own words.
Plus I think the Switch has better games. - SheWolfCloud

4 Bad ripoffs of Little Big Planet

Everyone accuses Sony of copying Nintendo, right? Well now Nintendo copied Sony with yarn versions of Yoshi and Kirby! - FreeBoy

What ripoffs? - B1ueNew

Yoshi is garbage - User1234

How in the world are Kirby and Yoshi even slightly similar to Little Big Planet aside from having a similar artstyle. - Atham

Yoshi is awful anyway. He's cool for Mario and Luigi to ride on but, being the star of his own game? Nope. - RobertWisdom

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5 Lame Super Smash Bros. sequels

64 was probably fun for kids in the 90's when it was the only Smash game that existed. It isn't anything too impressive nowadays but hey, you have to start from somewhere.
Melee is pretty alright I guess, especially for really competitive players but to be honest it's incredibly overrated.
Brawl was the first game I owned in the series and it's pretty great. Good roster and mechanics (except for slow physics and tripping of course) and of course the amazing Subspace Emissary.
Other than being portable, 3DS had no reason to exist once the Wii U version came out.
Wii U was very good in my opinion. The actual gameplay had been refined really well at this point, but the game still had flaws such as several underwhelming or flat-out unoriginal fighters, no adventure mode, the mess that is Smash Tour, and an absolutely horrendous UI that felt more like a maze intended to frustrate you.
Ultimate is the best in the series. It takes everything the series has done well and ...more - Atham

You have it backwards. The original was acceptable for its time mainly because of novelty, Melee was "eh" and remembered purely because of that weird part of the Internet that got stuck in the 90s, and Brawl was when the series actually started becoming good, with 4 and Ultimate each improving massively on their predecessors. I would actually argue 64 is better than Melee, as at least 64 had somewhat of a novelty factor in being the first of its kind, while Melee was just another mediocre game sequel.

"lame" Are you kidding me? Smash Bros series got better as time went on. - B1ueNew

Well it is a good game if you want to throw your anger at video game characters and not hurting anyone - User1234

6 Lame Mario/Sonic crossover games

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics is a trash franchise that has thankfully been slowing down lately. - Atham

Pretty disappointing franchise. - RadioHead03

They haven't made one of these games in years now. - B1ueNew

Isn't this more of Sega's fault then Nintendo's - Tyoshi

Nintendo continues to green light the franchise and release it for their consoles. - RobertWisdom

7 Downright hideous designs for new Pokemon

I agree gen one and a few gen twos are awesome but I hate pokemon - User1234

Gen 1 had some bad designs *Cough* Vortorb line *Cough* *Cough* Jynx *Cough*

Some bad designs? Yeah. But nowadays the majority of the Pokemon don't even look like Pokemon anymore. - RobertWisdom

Barbaracle? Emboar? Lickilicky? Are you kidding me? Charizard, Mewtwo and Lugia are what Pokemon SHOULD look like, not these abominations! - FreeBoy

I disagree, again. Don't get me wrong, some of them are weird. And they suck, but not all of them. Overall each and every one is unique, and just may not suit your pleasing. I actually really like Emboar. Not the others though. - SheWolfCloud

8 Bad remakes of Zelda and Pokemon games

Come up with original ideas! Sure, Twilight Princess and Wind Waker were good, but they don't need graphical remakes! And you keep making remakes of classic Pokemon games. And ORAS was even worse than the already awful RSE! - FreeBoy

They make remakes for people who don't have the original console and to improve graphics and add new features. - B1ueNew

Never played a Zelda game but the Pokemon remakes are good. Except for Pokemon Let's Go.

Yeah - User1234

ALBW was solid. - RadioHead03

9 They keep milking dying franchises

I just want Star Fox to finally have a true ending, unlike what Command portrayed. - EpicWingman

Does this mean they keep pulling the dead franchise nipples lol - lemur

Just let Star Fox and Metroid die in peace, only their older games were any good. - FreeBoy

If anything they don't milk Metroid and Star Fox. - B1ueNew

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10 Inferior ports of popular games

Examples for this? - B1ueNew

Due to worse graphics and storage. - FreeBoy

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11 Relying on gimmicks to market their consoles.

Sometimes this worked and sometimes it didn't. The Wii worked because the gimmicks appealed very well to a casual market. The Wii U didn't work because it feels to me like they just mashed a bunch of small gimmicks together. The switch, in my honest opinion, has virtually no gimmicks. The hybrid nature of the system and the JoyCons are integral features of the system, not just something thrown in for some games to use. That gives me a lot of hope for Nintendo. - Atham

I just counting multiplayer as another gimmick for the Switch in my opinion. I think hybrid and competitive gaming made the switch very lackluster in my opinion. It doesn't even have an Internet browser. The Switch is stil good though.

Wii-Motion controls
Wii U-Terrible handheld hybrid
Switch-Handheld Hybrid done better - RobertWisdom

12 Their online service is terrible

Pretty much one of the biggest problems with Nintendo now. The cloud save absolutely sucks. Not all of the games are supported with the cloud. Plus only NES games. Why not Snes? Or N64? Or GameCube? Or how about recent games that can be free like some indie titles? Plus the voice chat system sucks. The Switch Online Service needs some major improvements. - RadioHead03

It seems that for every 3 leaps forward Nintendo takes, they always take one step back, mainly in the form of their terrible online infrastructure. Just give us normal voice chat that doesn't require a ridiculous phone app and reliable servers and I'll be happy! I don't want to pay 20$ a year for this, but there's no way I'm giving up the ability to play Splatoon 2 or Smash Ultimate online. - Atham

It's gonna be terrible for me when Pokemon Sword and Shield comes out and having to pay money for online battles. Online was used to be free.

Okay this one is true. - B1ueNew

13 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Just because Nintendo made one bad game doesn't make them automatically terrible. Just saying. - B1ueNew

If this game doesn't prove anything about Nintendo then I don't know what will.

It's true.

Hilarious! - RobertWisdom

14 Wii U

Better than the Switch in my opinion.

Wii U is bad because it seems impossible to even click the app you want and you need a disk to play a game and, compared to produces like Xbox1s,Xbox1x, nentendoswich, and even old arcadesthat where made before it, Wii U is bad.

15 Shigeru Ohmori

This guy is directing some of the recent Pokemon games.

16 Terrible controllers

Wii wand and nunchuck
Giant Tablet like thingy for Wii U
Terrible Joy Cons for Switch

They're so bad that Nintendo has to keep making Pro controllers and rehashing the Gamecube controller. Just make a normal controller. - RobertWisdom

17 Copystriking Every Music Video

In pass few months, people have been copystriked. Nintendo has really gone downhill since 2006 and this shows it.

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