Top Ten Things a Slasher Movie Needs

The Top Ten Things a Slasher Movie Needs

1 A Killer

Obviously,it wouldn't be a slasher without a killer. - Loudhouserules

As in a good one

2 An Empty House
3 Heavy Rain
4 Five Young People
5 A Young, Slim Woman Wearing a Vest and Jeans

When isn't there one of these - Curti2594

There's ALWAYS one of these! - Britgirl

Can't make a movie without one..Who'd watch? - ishaantiwari

6 Dark Woods
7 One Sex-mad Female

Yep then when she goes out to get a beer...
Lets just say the beer got a little blood in it

8 A Scary Mask
9 A Male Geek
10 Nudity

The Contenders

11 A Psycho In the Group
12 Jumpscares

Yes, we need at least one good jumpscare.

13 One Hero/Heroine
14 A Car That Won't Start

Well, we need SOME way of stopping them from escaping, don't we?

15 Smart People
16 Falling Autumn Leaves
17 Cartoon Violence
18 Cloudy
19 At Least One Good Gory Kill
20 Final Girl
21 Sex
22 A Drug Addict
23 A Pointless Character Simply There to Increase the Kill Count
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