Top 10 Things Social Justice Warriors Need To Learn

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1 Oppressing the majority doesn't mean equality

We are not oppressing anyone WE are being oppressed by those disgusting white people!

It's a thing called equity

"Men are trash! "
"Will I get equal pay now? "
"No. $20 a year."

2 Having racial preferences isn't racist (Affirmative action does not extend to your dating scope. Your body, your rules. You do not have to date anyone you are not attracted to, as attraction is not a choice)

According to some SJW's, if a person of a different race asks you for a date, you must accept or you are showing prejudice.

SJW: My body, my choice.
Me: Whatever.
Black girl: Hey cutie, wanna go out with me?
Me: Maybe later. I'm busy right now, sorry.
Me: Racist who?
Me: No I don't! Blacks are great and my favorite musical artist is bla-
Me: Only in your body! In your words, my rules are in my body!
Me: You son of a damn...

Me: Hey, I kinda like you and was wondering if we could hang out sometime.
White male: Sorry, I don’t like you that way.
Me: Okay, that’s fin-
Me: Wait, what?
SJW: *to me*Don’t worry, I’ll save you from your oppressor. *to WM* YOU ARE A RACIST, SEXIST PIG AND YOU HAVE TO DATE HER!
Me: just shut up.

3 You cannot hold people of one race/gender/sexuality responsible for what others of their race/gender/sexuality did
4 People owe you nothing just because of your race/gender/sexuality


5 The media is under no obligation to represent you
6 You sometimes don’t get what you want
7 Anyone can be a victim of hate crime
8 There are only two genders

While I do believe non-binary people, demiboys, and demigirls exist, I'll let you believe whatever you want. If you think there are only two genders, I'm ok with that. As long as you aren't being sexist, misogynistic, or transphobic, I don't mind your beliefs about genders.

Attack helicopter is NOT one of them. Or any other object or animal. That's a stale joke that never was all that funny.

Attack helicopter was based off a real 3rd gender actually - Unnamed Google User Remade

Does non-binary count as a gender?

9 There's much more to entertainment than "representation"

A movie with a female lead or mostly non-white cast isn't automatically the best thing ever. If the movie doesn't have a good plot or there's little else to the characters besides their race or gender, it's not a great movie.

Swear to God, if I see one more comment in praise of the Netflix She-Ra reboot (Tumblrina pandering mess that it is)...

So many things seem to have developed cults solely because they have gay characters.

I’m not white, but I can relate to white characters! I’m not male, but I can relate to male characters! I’m straight, but I relate to non-straight characters! Representation is great, but not necessary to make a great show/movie. - RoseWeasley

10 Cultural appropriation isn't bad

Cultural Appropriation=Everything done by everyone, ever.

They called out Mario odyssey for a poncho option as a different suit.

What's next? Banning an animated movie because the protagonists order Chinese food?

It is though. They just think that certain things are cultural appropriation when it is cultural APPRECIATION, which is good

It is, but it’s often confused with cultural appreciation, which is good.

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11 Facts are more important than feelings

So is food (Chick fil a)


12 There's nothing wrong with people acting "stereotypical" for their race or gender

Women can wear dresses, cook, clean, sew, raise kids, be kind, and like anything cute or pretty if they want to. Black people can eat watermelons and fried chicken; watermelons and fried chicken are delicious. Gay guys can enjoy live theater if that's something that interests them.

13 Oppressed people aren't holy beings that can do no wrong
14 There's more to a company than being "LGBTQ friendly" or not

Burger King's "proud Whopper" (regular Whopper in a rainbow flag wrapper) was just a show of how allegedly "woke" they are to drum up business. Still low quality food and terrible service.

I don't buy from or donate to The Salvation Army (not LGBTQ-friendly at all), but I don't donate to or shop at Goodwill (allegedly very LGBTQ-friendly), either. I choose instead to donate to/buy from independent thrift stores that support local causes. At least then I'm not unwittingly supporting a corporation.

For example, BP may "have transgender-inclusive non-discrimination policies for its employees and a Human Rights Campaign gay friendliness score of 100", but that doesn't make up for the environmental disaster that was Deepwater Horizon. If I'm craving biscuits and gravy or chicken and dumplings, I can't get those at Olive Garden or Red Lobster (both owned by LGBTQ friendly Darden Restaurants) but can get them at Cracker Barrel. And I don't care that Burger King at one point put rainbow wrappers on their Whoppers; their food is bad even by fast food standards while Chck fil A has awesome food despite their Christian CEO.

15 Lots of people would rather celebrate Father's Day and Thanksgiving without you decrying them
16 Columbus Day is just a day off school/work for most people; nobody's really "celebrating" anything on that day

Also Thanksgiving isn't about "genocide"

And it's not even a day off for many.

I only ever know when it IS Columbus Day because my Facebook newsfeed is full of anti-Columbus Day posts

17 Being part of an "oppressed" group doesn't mean you can say or do whatever you want and get away with it
18 Women, POC, LGBTQ, etc, can speak for themselves

You act as if we can't talk & need someone else to voice our, I mean, THEIR, opinions. - RoseWeasley

19 Accusing people of (indirectly) supporting if not outright committing genocide for celebrating Thanksgiving or eating Chick fil A makes you look bad, not them
20 Refugees and immigrants can cause harm

That's what Donald Trump trying to tell us through his ego - BorisRule

Look immigration itself isn’t bad but we need stricter borders. Do we really want to risk letting a terrorists,drug dealers,criminals,etc come in to the US illegally? - Randomator

21 Praising everything a member of a "oppressed" group does/every entertainment medium that has any kind of "representation" is actually counterproductive to your "cause"

You're still calling special attention to race, gender, sexual preference, etc. Worse, you're reducing the person or character to their race, gender, etc.

22 Celebrating so-called "Christmas" is the very thing you otherwise are vehemently against

The Crusaders claimed Jesus was born in late December so they could convince non-Christians (who meanwhile had celebrated Yule or Saturnalia at that time of year) to convert. Also most "Christmas" traditions (read: the ones not mentioning or involving Jesus) were appropriated from Winter Solstice, Yuletide and Saturnalia.

Don't you just love how they gloss over its cultural appropriation aspects while kvetching about Thanksgiving and how we "shouldn't" celebrate it?

23 White slavery happened in the past

It's true - ElSherlock

That's true - BorisRule

24 Seeing oppressed people as precious and needing protection is counterproductive
25 You don't speak for anyone
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