Top 10 Things Social Justice Warriors Need To Learn


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1 Oppressing the majority doesn't mean equality

It's a thing called equity - SpectralOwl

2 Anyone can be a victim of hate crime
3 Cultural Appropriation isn't bad

They called out Mario odyssey for a poncho option as a different suit.

What's next? Banning an animated movie because the protagonists order Chinese food? - SpectralOwl

It is though. They just think that certain things are cultural appropriation when it is cultural APPRECIATION, which is good - 445956

Cultural Appropriation=Everything done by everyone, ever.

4 The media is under no obligation to represent you
5 Facts are more important than feelings


6 Refugees and immigrants can cause harm

Look immigration itself isn’t bad but we need stricter borders. Do we really want to risk letting a terrorists,drug dealers,criminals,etc come in to the US illegally? - Randomator

7 There are only two genders

If there’s more than 2 genders then why is there only an X and Y chromosome? - Randomator

8 People owe you nothing just because of your race/gender/sexuality

Yes - 2storm

Great list - 2storm

9 You cannot hold people of one race/gender/sexuality responsible for what others of their race/gender/sexuality did
10 Having racial preferences isn't racist (Affirmative action does not extend to your dating scope. Your body, your rules. You do not have to date anyone you are not attracted to, as attraction is not a choice)

According to some SJW's, if a person of a different race asks you for a date, you must accept or you are showing prejudice.

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11 White slavery happened in the past
12 You sometimes don’t get what you want
13 Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court now
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