Top Ten Things Some Americans Believe Are True

There are so many things that most of the country has no idea about or doesn't know is happening...wanna find out what?

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1 The US has been at war since 9/11

The War on Terror has killed more foreign people than it has killed Americans, many of which are citizens. In addition, the war has provided almost nothing of benefit and the United States entered a massive deficit due to the lackluster and poorly managed leadership of George W. Bush. Not to mention an increase in PTSD and the fact that traumatized soldiers actually commit suicide due to the stress and memories they received during their battles in the Middle East. The worst thing is the war is still ongoing and by now, both sides are now fatigued, with several people already expressing dissatisfaction and frustration over several events that have occurred since 9/11. - CrimsonShark

Okay before you read this let me make it clear that TTT changed the name before they passed it- it used to be "Top Ten Things Most Americans Don't Know or Realize" but they changed it so it doesn't make as much sense the way this is the author of the list in case you didn't catch that - mpgami

No one realizes this because of all the liberal idiots out there who's motto is "just think happy thoughts! " have covered it up. Well guess what? We've been at war since 2001 when terrorists hijacked commercial airplanes and crashed into the pentagon and World Trade Center. - mpgami

Hard to respect someone who wants to make criticisms while hiding with no identity of their own - Billyv

The war on terrorism has been on going since the Barbary Pirates. Today's generation are not aware of all the attacks, partly due to the cells being spread out and not united by one country. - repoulin

2 The people don't decide on the president, social media does.

It has to be people, not social media - BorisRule

Its true then America should be like North Korea just vote for Republican only. But not voting compulsory.

And what drives social media? People. Including politicians and political parties. But with that said, you get as much propaganda from politicians as well as ordinary citizens online as you do in real life. The main difference is that social media makes it easier for individual voices to be heard over this propaganda, if they can make it stand, because whatever anyone in the government says is what people will believe in or confront. - PositronWildhawk

Voices aren't heard easier on social media- those people's opinions are just formed because most people are too dumb to know what they actually believe, so they allow social media to choose for them. How do you think Obama became president? He's a complete idiot and the 13 year old can realize that Hillary Clinton shouldn't be allowed to run after threatening national secrets but grown men and women can't? She shouldn't have been allowed to run for president. - mpgami

So many people aren't aware of this, but they aren't the ones actually deciding on a new president social media is. They get their opinions from Facebook and the internet, and they don't even realize it. The people controlling these social media sites decide who becomes president because they have the power to warp peoples minds and change them according to what they put out and not enough people are smart enough to know that to make a difference. - mpgami

Technically, since the US isn't a true democracy but rather, a constitutional republic, it's the electoral college that decides the President. In most states there are no laws requiring the electoral college to follow the public vote at all (which has happened in multiple elections). So it's the few electoral votes that fully determine the Commander-in-Chief. - Finch

3 The US hasn't won a war since World War II

Yes, and our founding fathers believes in the same concept. Does "don't tread on me" ring a bell? That flag was almost made our American flag, because we believed that a rattlesnake was one of the most noble creatures on earth. They didn't strike without warning- they warned you first, but if you didn't back down, they struck hard, killing the enemy. - mpgami

Again, Obama and the liberals decided that we can't bomb people in churches and homes, because we might be killing innocent people. War is terrible, but if we absolutely have to go to war, we have to strike hard and kill the enemy quickly to make. Them. Stop. We bombed the crap out of them when they came after us on 9/11 and when our lovely president came into office he gave them back their government and power and we've been at war ever since. In World War II when we bombed the crap it of Japan, guess what happened? They STOPPED. We won. Ever since then we haven't won a war because we've refused to use explosives on "innocent people" and no ones aware of it because social media covers it up - mpgami

Interesting that the "strike hard and kill the enemy quickly" concept was what those responsible for 9/11 had in mind. The only difference is that they pointed that aggression toward the US instead of the other way around. - Finch

Not strictly a war, but what about the Cold War? And not to mention, they didn't exactly win the wars all by themselves. - PositronWildhawk

True about winning the entire war, yes, we had help, but did it occur to you that the US was one of the only countries that didn't end up in captivity (if not the only one)? That's because we struck hard and kept Japan and the Axis Powers from attempting to take over us (Japan's bomb on Pearl Harbor being the accept ion, of course) and we didn't touch Japan until after they attacked us. - mpgami

Maybe a country that didn't end up in captivity ( like one of the comments says ) but one of the countries that has the most senseless and meaningless death rates of warhistory ( Vietnam is already enough said ).

4 A C-130 crash killed 14 people in the 39th airlift squadron in Afghanistan on October 1 2015

Wonder how many people acknowledged this..? Our corrupt, messed up government is attempting to cover this up and pretend it didn't happen, and so is the rest of the nation. There are 300 people in the US that have that 39th Airlift Squadron badge that care, that think about this more than anyone, because a squadron is a family. When someone is born they all celebrate it, when someone dies they all grieve their death. This was a sad day for that squadron. They lost a family member. - mpgami

Yes, its been all over the news. Very sad.

And our own lack of gun control laws has allowed 13 of our own citizens to be shot on a school campus just this past week. **sigh**. America. - keycha1n

5 The law passed making gay marriage legal was a bigger deal than you think.

I think it's great that people don't have to hide their sexuality and can now embrace it! Nobody should be discriminated for anything that is part of their identity and who they are. - marshmallow123

Gay marriage has always been permitted, as with any marriage all you have to do is act like it, with communal finances, monogamy, etc.

What's different is that now gay couples can get the same tax advantages and other governmental "free stuff" that married couples get, which unmarried couples and single people do not get, which is extremely unfair.

Gays aren't a good thing, but that's between them and God. The real problem is the fact that the US violated an amendment that was made when the country was formed: the federal government would not interfere with the state government. In making gay marriage legal they forced all 50 states to be okay with it, and violated that amendment that was made when establishing this country. - mpgami

You do realize that's the exact same logic the racists used when jim crow laws were abolished right?

"Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." - Edmund Burke - DueslistofX

Yawn! Its always been allowed.
What changed is that now gay couples also get tax breaks and other "free stuff". Unmarried couples or single people of any orientation do not get these major benefits, which is completely unfair.

6 You CAN have it all - good grades, a social life, and enough sleep

Actually, it just requires time management, which not many people are good at. You've probably seen the little triangle that says "choose two" in the middle and has the three parts of life at each point. If you find a way to manage your time well, you can actually get enough sleep, good grades, and have a social life. - mpgami

I don't have ANY of these. - RockFashionista

Well this is true. I have it. - SoccerFan

No. This is what parents believe - AnonymousChick

7 Catholics don't idolize saints

We do. We pray to them. We don't worship them, but we look up to them. - Therandom

Catholics pray to the saints, yes, but we don't worship them as God. We're asking them to basically have God help us when we need something that falls under that saint's category. Same with the Virgin Mary. We don't worship her. In the ancient times, you would get close to the son by becoming friends with the mother, basically. Have her put in a good word about you with Jesus. That's all we're doing when we're praying to her. "Holy Mary, mother of God, PRAY FOR US SINNERS, now and at the hour of out death" that's the Hail Mary. Catholics are merely asking her to pray for us. Now see the Our Father: "hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done [were praising Him] on earth as to is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread [were asking Him directly for help instead of asking Him to pray for us. See the difference? ]" there's a pretty clear difference between praying to Mary and worshiping her. - mpgami

Many religions prayed to golden calves for guidance and help. They didn't believe those statues were Gods, but rather shamanic beings who could assist them. Why was that stopped?

The whole idea raises the question, why would you need someone to pray for you instead of just doing it yourself? There are plenty of Biblical verses describing live people praying for other people, but none that discuss asking dead people to pray for the living. I'm not even sure of the point since there is no mention of Mary or any of the Saints being omniscient, glorified in Heaven, or even able to hear the prayers of mortal man. - Finch

8 Christopher Columbus was a jerk

Columbus didn't actually find American first, he just took all the credit. Spanish immigrants found it first. Columbus just arrived there and came back home a hero because if his status with the king. - mpgami

I agree. He was a lost sailor who "found" something that had already been discovered. He also was instrumental in bringing the slave trade to the Americas which makes him a lot worse. - Finch

This shouldn't even be in this list. He did horrible things to the natives here

Several waves of Vikings, Basque fishermen, the Chinese navy, and Egyptian explorers all sailed to the new world, and Siberian nomads walked all before Columbus got there.
It's all pretty well known, and has been for a very long time.

Spanish immigrants? What in the world does that mean?

I'm sorry did I say Spanish immigrants? There was a lecture going on behind me on Spain's history and I probably accidentally typed that instead. I meant to say Egyptian. Oops! 😄 - mpgami

9 The US bases its rules in public schools off of atheists without giving Christians another thought.

In public schools, the rules are made to where atheists won't be ad fended by hearing the word "Christ" or witness a prayer group. So it's not okay that they be forced to hear the word "Jesus" but it's totally fine for Christians to be offended that they aren't allowed to say "Merry Christmas" and yet no one cares. But the moment an atheist kid gets mad because he has to walk by some kids on "see you at the pole" day they get to complain and someone has to force the kids that were praying to stop and do it in private. - mpgami

Are Christians offended by students who choose not to say the Pledge of Allegiance? How about by those students who choose to not say "Merry Christmas". It's pretty hard to be offended by inaction (though not impossible). Since the public schooling system is run by government funds, and the Constitution decrees a separation of Church and State, it makes legal sense for federally funded entities to recognize no religions at least until they allow Muslim praying and satanic sacrifices during school hours and on school property so all religions are accepted equally. - Finch

Uh, Finchie...
Kindly advise just where "the Constitution decrees a separation of Church and State? "
Thought so.

10 The Illuminati exists

You mean in history. Not nowadays.
Nowadays...It's a secret, shut up. Look at the triangle. Not very secretive.

They do exist, their symbols are everywhere.

Suck of hearing about this but many do

Most likely exists

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11 TheTopTens is just another social media site that determines people's opinions

When was TheTopTens just a Yank website.

There is some truth in this because many people are led by a majority opinion, but on the other hand it's still a " social media site ". Meaning that this sites are not government or economic controlled medias ( they can use it to make polls however ). And besides, for every top ten pro-site there's a top ten contra-site. So people who agree on a topic for instance will find equally for the same topic people who don't agree. I just think that it's exagerated to say that the top tens are another " brainwashing " social media site ( even if some people's opinions are indeed determinated by other people's opinions ). But that's just a minority.

What you mean with " Top Ten not a social media "? Whenever there's sharing of opinions and open to public there 's a social interaction. Even if the site is private but open to every user with an opinion it becomes social. However, that doesn't mean that it determinate people's opinions ( maybe it can influence some people with pro or contra's but it certainly doesn't change everyone who make uses of TTT's ).

I know I know "Well then why are you on here? " Because I'm careful to not let someone else's opinion decide mine. - mpgami

TheTopTens reflects opinion. No one can determine a person's opinion except that person. They can be swayed by information, which is the primary way opinions are formed, and TheTopTens is merely a site for people to express their own opinions and give the reasons why. Much like you have done here. So thank you for adding to the cause. - Finch

12 That global warming is a fake

Trump is stupid! If we don't care about it and say that it is fake we will have " Harvey's ", " Irma's " etc...more and more in the future. Doing nothing will destroy our planet. What is the use of being " great again " if your country and maybe humanity will be destroyed?

This needs to be at the top. People who think that Global Warming is fake are pure idiots. - LemonComputer

Yet another reason we are stupid.

Worst of all is that a leader ( the president of the US Donald Trump ) says that it is a hoax invented by China ( when in reality it became a global topic after American citizen Al Gore's movie ). A clown like Trump cares only for economic ( and believe me, for economics with a big E and certainly not for the minimum salaries of workers etc... ) issues and how to make so much as possible more money for those Multi-big Co.'s. Taking measures for global warming ( a scientefic proven fact ) would be a disadvantage for the economic conglomerats. But hey, what's more important for greedy capitalist president Trump, the survival of humanity in the future or money? I'm not saying that H. Clinton would have been a good or better president ( the US had actually a choise between two clowns at the final elections ) but she at least didn't deny the global warming fact and that we should do something about it. But for most Americans, life and their " big American dream " is all about the allmighty ...more

13 Soda is a food group

Soda is a drink group because can't eat an soda

Ironically, soda consumption has been dropping steadily for years.

Yes, it is true. 78% of Americans think that soda is a food group.

14 That the Nazis have a moon base

What? Who in their right mind actually believes THAT? - KalloFox34

15 They think that America is a free country

Freedom still has some restrictions to ensure safety, but there are still laws that need to be changed and laws that need to be passed. - marshmallow123

Yes, they think that they're living in the land of free where everything is possible. Truth is that it's almost becoming a policestate. Just look for the special controls you get when you want to travel to America. Every person is filed and controlled by autorities and they're even not aware of it.

16 The Moon Landing

Do you wish it was a hoax because you believe in the tower of babel?

17 The Earth is flat
18 That the global warming theory was created by the Chinese to decrease competition between the USA

This isn't true, but it was created by the exact same people who came up with the "Global Cooling" theory in the late 1970's.

19 Global warming or cooling is caused by humans

First of all, one says that Americans think that global warming is fake and here one says that Americans think that global warming is caused by humans. So, which one is that Americans think that it is true?

But that's not a big issue ( one say A and another B).

About the comment, Global warming is caused by many causes. There are the natural causes ( the earth is in a cycle around the sun which has moved to a closer distance between them now.). Something you and I or anybody can't change. You can't change a distance and certainly not a ellipse between two planets or a planet and the sun. More important is global warming caused NOT by natural causes and for that matter caused by humanity. There are more cars than ever which increase higher CO and CO2 in the air, factories producing toxic gasses that harm the ozone layer also increased because we're consume more, the use of technologies that produces waves ( cellphones, computers, the internet etc..), the destroying of the ...more

Humans are a huge factor of Global Warming since they are causing it to speed up. Without humans, nature would have done it much more gradually. - marshmallow123

Global Warming is actually caused both by nature and humans. It happens naturally, but our actions make the process worsen. People who believe that Global Warming is caused 100% by humans are idiots, and people who believe that Global Warming is caused 100% by nature, they're idiots. - LemonComputer

Solar cycles cause global temperature change. Just like ice ages where the polar caps/glaciers have spread far beyond their current regions and at other times the caps melted and some areas were submerged - the globe warms and cools based on the source of global warmth - the sun... Not SUV's

20 Being a noob is good

Since when do we believe that? - KalloFox34

21 God exists

He isn't. - KalloFox34

22 9/11 was an inside job
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