Top Ten Things Some Men Say Women Are Tired of Hearing


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1 Why aren't you in the kitchen?


2 You're not as pretty as she is

Who wants to bet if I made a similar list I would get a ton of criticism. - Therandom

I did get criticism, get the facts before you speak. And you spelt criticism wrong. - Therandom

Yeah, 'cause it's not like women can be sexist.

3 You're exaggerating!
4 What do periods feel like?

Believe it or not, I've actually been asked this question before. - RockFashionista

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5 Did you gain weight?

Why is it more socially for accepted for a male to gain ten pounds and "he is probably trying his best" but a female is absolute gross slob too? - Lucretia

6 Any boy would be lucky to have you. But not me.

An girl would be lucky to have moi. I haven't dated in a while, because love is getting in the way of my militaristic future. - Therandom

I have been told this many times. I lost count after I went deaf from hearing it so often. - Britgirl

7 What is it like being a girl?

And I love how girls always complain how video games have more playable men and that the men are more badass. - Therandom

8 Go and clean.
9 I'm stronger than you

Who cares about muscles really? - Lucretia

10 Women are weak.

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11 Periods aren't that bad

Lies. I bet men would pass out if they got a period lol - BlueTopazIceVanilla

12 Ladies first!

See what I did there?

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