Top Ten Things That Sound Impossible But Are Not


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1 Time travel

I think Time Travel to the past is going to take a many centuries yet, maybe aliens could do it.

It's a lot simpler than that. Time travel can be done simply by moving relative to something else, or being under influence of gravity. Which we have upon us all of the time. - PositronWildhawk

Time becomes unstable at a certain amount of volts. If you could create a machine with enough volts, you could do this. - CityGuru

The problem is, how to time travel into the past. That's one big hurdle. - Kiteretsunu

2 Teleportation

Many of the seemingly science fiction things are allowed by quantum physics as it is physics based on probability. That's why in the beginning, quantum physics was something physics couldn't readily digest. As for now, almost everything is accepted. - Kiteretsunu

This is allowed by the quantum theory - CityGuru

This is impossible, becauce nothing can move faster, than light!
And teleportation is faster. This is primiral physics, m8s! Stop making dumb comments!

3 Force fields

It would involve lasers, plasma windows, and carbon nanotubes - CityGuru

4 Telepathy

Electrodes implanted in the brain... - CityGuru

5 Psychokinesis
6 Instantaneous communication

Shrodinger waves allow this. There is a small probability you could wake up on mars. - CityGuru

7 Perpetual motion machines
8 Chechnya becomes an independent country

genius - Brachiozaur

9 Precognition
10 Antimatter/Anti universes

The Contenders

11 Death Star

It may be possible to build, but it would cost like 800 quadrillion (yes, it's a real amount) dollars to build - CommentandList

Phasers and sabers would require a very high power sources like plugging into a wall. - CityGuru

12 Play Soccer With Lions
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