Top 10 Things Specific TopTenners Would Never Say

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1 Admin - "The policy is scrapped"

Shame he’d never say that

There probably is a chance to overturn it. I'm not always negative - SpectralOwl

2 Metal_Treasure - "Heavy Metal sucks"

If Metal_Treasure started saying stuff like this, then I know his account would be hacked. I wouldn't doubt it for a second. - Gg2000

3 PositronWildhawk - "Science is lame"

It just wouldn't be our Pos. - Britgirl

4 VideoGamefan5 - "Judy Hopps is my favorite Zootopia character"

I Hate Her So Much,...Piece Of Overrated Revolting Trash - VideoGamefan5

More like "I will never say suicide squad rules! " - VideoGamefan5

I respect your opinion but I like her - Sugarcubecorner

5 christangrant - "Watch Me by Silento is the greatest song ever"

I would definitely not say that - christangrant

By now I think most people would know I would never say this - christangrant

Lol, Watch Me by Silento is the best song ever! (sarcasm)

6 Therandom - "Hillary is better than Trump"
7 ModernSpongeBobSucks - "Boku No Pico is the best anime ever!"

Saying this is basically a death wish to go to hell. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 Puga - "MSS is my favorite user"
9 PhantomMilitia - "The Loud House is a really good show"
10 Cartoonfan202 - "Avatar is the worst show ever"

If you'd think I'd say this you need to seek medical help

The Newcomers

? Luckys - "I love heavy metal"
? JUSTINBIEBERLOVER - "I hate Justin Bieber"

The Contenders

11 VideoGamefan5 - "Suicide Squad Rules"
12 opinionsarenotwrong - "I don't have the worst life ever"
13 opinionsarenotwrong - "There is no such thing as a wrong opinion"
14 SplashMoun10 - "Splash Mountain is the worst ride ever!"

You'll see pigs fly before I ever say this. - SplashMoun10

15 CjWriter1997 - "Legend of Zelda is the worst game franchise ever."
16 christangrant - "One by Metallica is a awful song"

I would never say that although StrikingStreak tried to impersonate me and say that it was awful - christangrant

17 ModernSpongeBobSucks - "Sword Art Online sucks"

Not in a quadrillion years will I ever say this. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

18 Britgirl - "I don't love Keyson"
19 FireWasp2004 - "Wasps are disgusting creatures and shouldn't exist!"

I'd say that definitely. - Swellow

20 DCfnaf - "Wario is overall just a stupid character"

If I ever say this, it's likely I am drunk or stoned. - DCfnaf

21 bobbythebrony - "Obama is the best president ever"

If you think that he would say this then please seek mental help.

I'll never say this for as long as I live.-bobbythebrony

22 DynastiSugarPop - "Luan Loud sucks!"
23 SplashMoun10 - "I hate Br'er Fox"
24 WonkeyDude98 - "Rae Sremmurd Are An Amazing Music Duo"
25 ChroniclerMan5 - "I Hate Bionicle G1".
26 drdevil - "Windows ME is the best OS in history"

Said no one ever - Zach808

27 Anonymousxcxc - "I hate Toph Bei Fong."
28 TwilightKitsune - "Rainbow Dash is the best pony"

Rainbow Dash is the best phony - TwilightKitsune

Don't mind that - Neonco31

Best Phony, That Actually Made Me Laugh Even Though Dash Is My Favorite Pony - JPK

Lol this list was wrong - xXkillermachineXx

29 ChroniclerMan5 - "I Hate Sonic The Hedgehog".
30 drdevil - "Trump should become the president of the world"
31 Du - "Hillary Clinton Doesn't Belong In Jail"
32 ChroniclerMan5 - "I Hate Star Wars".
33 ChroniclerMan5 - "I Like Hero Factory".
34 ChroniclerMan5 - "I Like Beyblade".
35 jack2244 - "Pearl Jam sucks"
36 christangrant - "Pantera is the worst band of all time"

Someone should send him a copy of Metal Magic and film his reaction. - Zach808

37 naFrovivuS - "I hate Survivor"

Oh god no.

38 ChroniclerMan5 - "I Play Call of Duty".
39 BoredJeff02 - "Cannibal Corpse is the best band ever!"

If you think I would say that you need some serious mental help.

40 Ultron123 - "I Hate DCfnaf and TwilightKitsune"

I would never say this, even if my life depended upon it - Ultron123

Thank you Ultron <3. You're amazing. - TwilightKitsune

Ultron123 is the sweetest user ever. Thank you bro - DCfnaf

41 ChroniclerMan5 - "I Like The Amazing World of Gumball".
42 Randomator - Go K-State!

Never in a million years would I say this. I’m a Jayhawk for life. - Randomator

43 Neonco31 - "MLP sucks!"

Or else I'll get triggered (Lol) - Neonco31

44 PhantomMilitia - "Luna and Lucy are the worst Loud sisters."
45 AlphaQ - "I Hate Pizza"
46 Rue - "Amourshipping rocks!"
47 jack2244 - "There is nothing good about The Shawshank Redemption or The Godfather, they are abominations"
48 Entranced98 - "Get rekt!"

I hate that saying!

49 VideoGamefan5 - "I Love The Lion King Hater"
50 eventer51314 - "Serena from Pokemon is a good character"

Good luck with trying to get her to say that, lol. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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1. Admin - "The policy is scrapped"
2. opinionsarenotwrong - "There is no such thing as a wrong opinion"
3. opinionsarenotwrong - "I don't have the worst life ever"
1. Admin - "The policy is scrapped"
2. SplashMoun10 - "Splash Mountain is the worst ride ever!"
3. SplashMoun10 - "I hate Br'er Fox"
1. christangrant - "Watch Me by Silento is the greatest song ever"
2. Metal_Treasure - "Heavy Metal sucks"
3. Admin - "The policy is scrapped"

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