Top Ten Best Things to Spend Your Time Doing

The Top Ten

1 Listen to Music

"It's my life! It's now or never! I ain't forever! " Metallica! - Icegirl119

2 Hang With Friends

I had sex with one of my friends so YESS

3 Go Wild

I'm living on the wild side wild side.

4 Text or Talk With Friends
5 Be With Family
6 Draw
7 Sing

DAMMIT! I saw listen to music first! IF I hadn't I would have SO voted for this one! I LOVE SINGING! - Icegirl119

8 Browsing the Internet
9 Study
10 Play Video Games

Addictive and boring.

Iys so much fun!

The Contenders

11 Walk
12 Cook Food
13 Pray

The nutrition of soul - belarbi

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1. Be With Family
2. Listen to Music
3. Hang With Friends
1. Pray
2. Study
3. Text or Talk With Friends
1. Hang With Friends
2. Listen to Music
3. Text or Talk With Friends


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