Top Ten Things SpongeBob Has Done In YouTube Poops

The Top Ten

Suicide bomb Mr. Krabs

This happened in Mr. Krabs' Unquenchable Bloodlust - bobbythebrony

Kill Bubble Bass with a grenade

I catch a grenade for ya!

This happened in a BarneyisPerverted video. - bobbythebrony

Gun down the Tattletale Strangler
Burn down the Krusty Krab

This happened in a Sinnedtragedy98 video. - bobbythebrony

Kill Gary

This happened in a ThatGuyPoops video. - bobbythebrony

Kill Patrick on Valentine's Day
Turn the garbage disposal on while Mr. Krabs' penis is stuck inside

Yo, me, the ass man thinks it must hurt a lot.

That Was Hilarious - JPK

Go super saiyan
Hire Man Ray and Dirty Bubble as Body Guards
Subscribe to CartoonLover98

Obviously happened in a CartoonLover98 video. - bobbythebrony

The Contenders

Smoke weed with Patrick

Happened in Club Spongebong and a ThatGuyPoops video. - bobbythebrony

Blow up the Krusty Krab

Happened in a video by my favorite pooper, AwfulFawfultheFalafe. - bobbythebrony

Kill Plankton with a shotgun

Happened in a Sinnedtragedy98 video. - bobbythebrony

Say "Pingas"
say "Hey everybody! It's happy national go **** yourself day!"
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