Top Ten Things That Spring to Mind Whenever Anyone Mentions America


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41 The Great Lakes

Especially around Michigan. They are swimmable in summer, and freeze over in winter. They're gems! - Turkeyasylum

42 Obesity Obesity
43 Massive Portions
44 Freedom

What, only Mel Gibson in Braveheart is allowed to have this sentiment?
He was expressing his wish for freedom from the English as well.

America free? Free of what? Europe is more " free " than America.

45 California Beaches

Huntington Beach, aka "Surf City".

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46 Hawaii Beaches

Much more expensive to visit, but the surfing is rad.

47 Florida

The mosquitos are kind of big, but otherwise the entire state is one huge vacation spot.

48 Colorado

European-quality resorts and skiing, without the snooty Europeans.

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49 New Orleans

Mardis Gras, the Bayou, Bourbon Street jazz, and especially the delicious cooking.

50 Disneyland

Or Disney World, depending on which side of the country you are visiting.

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51 Hollywood

Really just the idea of it. Films and T.V. are actually made in Burbank, Culver City, or on location somewhere, but the glamour still exists in everyone's imagination.

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52 Silicon Valley

Still an amazing, thriving region just south of San Francisco, which is in itself an amazing place.

53 Yellowstone Yellowstone

The most geologically active zone on earth, with geysers, boiling mud pits, and abundant wildlife all over the place.
If the Yellowstone Caldera blows, life on Earth is pretty much toast.

Yes, if that calderra goes off, it could be an "Extinction Level Event", comparable with a large meteor or comet strike.

54 The 4th of July

This is maybe the most celebrated American date next to Thanksgiving! - Curti2594

Seriously, we do love the Brits, but we treasure our Independence Day.
Happy 4th of July!

Seriously. we do love the Yanks but we too, also treasure your independance Day! ; ) - Britgirl

55 Bill Gates Bill Gates William Henry "Bill" Gates III is an American business magnate, entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and programmer.
56 The Rocky Mountains

Huge and spectacular, they literally divide the continent.

57 Alaska

Almost like another planet, with huge sprawling vistas of ice and tundra in the north, and thick forests in the south and east. The most productive fishing grounds in the world on the west side, and plenty of "calving" glaciers and grizzly bears for the tourists to look at.

The last frontier.
Larger land area than France, Germany, and the UK, put together.
Total population only 735,000.

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58 Smithsonian Institution
59 The Outer Banks

Very interesting sand dune/land formation in the Carolinas that sometimes gets hit hard by hurricanes, but is really fun and interesting at other times.

60 Large Donations to Charities
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