Top 10 Things Stereotypical Weeaboos Do


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1 Hate every American cartoon

(cough) Invader Zim and Rocko's Modern Life are easily best anime (cough) - xandermartin98

2 Be obnoxiously extreme social justice warriors
3 Brag arrogantly about knowing how to speak bare-minimum basic words from the Japanese language, such as "desu nee" and "kawaii"
4 Live in parents' basement
5 Be in blatant denial of their own virginity and call other people plebeians just for not sharing their personal opinions which are of no consequence at all

HEY! Why's everyone suddenly looking at ME again?! - xandermartin98

6 Ridiculously overrate visual-novel video games such as Danganronpa and Phoenix Wright and refuse to talk about mostly any game that doesn't have some kind of anime art style
7 Argue 24/7 about which anime girl is hottest and/or which characters could beat which in a fight

Personally, I believe someone who thinks a cartoon character is hot are a bit "off". Think about it. Using the word "hot" to describe a cartoon character means there's a sexual attraction. And sorry but being sexually attractive to a cartoon is weird and creepy. - THC13

There are so many lists on this site about this... - Metal_Treasure

8 Obsessively post about themselves on Tumblr

Oh no! Don't put SJWs and weeaboos in the same room. That will end up really bad! - BorisRule

*sigh* when I originally found Tumblr I thought it was just a blog website like Livejournal.

9 Have ludicrous amounts of merch
10 Be in horrendous physical shape

The Contenders

11 Watch Boku No Pico

Gross and not cool anime! - BorisRule

12 Call 90s kids a "Genwunner"

They kinda deserve it through... - BorisRule

13 Draw

Drawing is cool, both non-anime and anime. - BorisRule

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1. Hate every American cartoon
2. Be obnoxiously extreme social justice warriors
3. Live in parents' basement


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