Top 10 Things that Suck About Being a Girl


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1 Periods

My own periods are so painful, I literally get sick & throw up! - clusium

2 Child Birth

I kind of fear this - Luckys

That's if you plan on getting married and having kids. - Arcxia

You don’t have to go through this though. - 3DG20

3 Cramps

It’s not really the periods that bother me. Yeah, they’re annoying, but this just sucks. To be fair though, I’d rather have a tummy cramp than a headache. - 3DG20

4 Breasts Getting in Your Way

I hate it when the boys are outside, (especially my crush) and I'm running. - Luckys

They are so annoying, even though girls brag about how big their boobs are and wear clothes that expose their cleavage, I don't see why breasts are great. - Catacorn

Plus bras boobs suck:(

Especially while you're running they're jingling up and down. - Arcxia

5 Pregnancy

I heard giving birth is painful AS HELL...

6 Bloating While on Your Period
7 Mood Swings

This happens to guys also - DrayTopTens

Generally speaking, This doesn't happen anymore - Ananya

8 Virginal Discharge
9 Hair Growing Under Your Arms

WAXING is painful!

10 You Cry for No Reason Sometimes

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11 Ponytails

I don't understand this item - DrayTopTens

12 Bras

Even if you have small breasts you still have to wear bras, and don't get me started on sports bras.

13 Slower Metabolism
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