Top 10 Things that Suck About Being a Girl

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1 Periods

I low key want to cut open my body and throw my uterus against a wall - Manlypants

I hate them

It's not fair that girls have to have periods at such a young age. Kids should just be kids, and not having to deal with periods. It's not fair! >:( - DrayTopTens

My own periods are so painful, I literally get sick & throw up! - clusium

2 Child Birth

I kind of fear this - Luckys

That's if you plan on getting married and having kids. - Arcxia

You don’t have to go through this though. - 3DG20

3 Cramps

The world is sexually sexist against girls. - DrayTopTens

It’s not really the periods that bother me. Yeah, they’re annoying, but this just sucks. To be fair though, I’d rather have a tummy cramp than a headache. - 3DG20

4 Breasts Getting in Your Way

No not really. Except for running. - Manlypants

I hate it when the boys are outside, (especially my crush) and I'm running. - Luckys

Especially while you're running they're jingling up and down. - Arcxia

Plus bras boobs suck:(

5 Pregnancy

I heard giving birth is painful AS HELL...

6 Bloating While on Your Period

BIG BELLY TIME - Manlypants

7 Mood Swings

This happens to guys also - DrayTopTens

Generally speaking, This doesn't happen anymore - Ananya

8 Virginal Discharge
9 Hair Growing Under Your Arms

WAXING is painful!

10 You Cry for No Reason Sometimes

Who said this doesn’t happen to boys as well? Although my sister cries more than me, I can cry for no reason as well. - Userguy44

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11 Ponytails

You could cut your hair or not wear ponytails at all. Your choice. - Misfire

12 Bras

Even if you have small breasts you still have to wear bras, and don't get me started on sports bras.

13 Slower Metabolism
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