Things that Suck About Being a Kid

The Top Ten Things that Suck About Being a Kid

1 You are Not Taken Seriously

I love being a kid, but this is definitely annoying.

It's so annoying

2 You are Blamed for Things You Did Not Do
3 You are Told You are Lying When You're Not
4 You Don't Have Proper Freedom

While when you grow up, have freedom and wishing that you was a kid again. It was more simple.

5 You Don't Have a Choice Most of the Time
6 Unfair Restrictions
7 Bullies
8 School
9 Grades

Being Asian, this is the worst. You get an A, your parents think it is "just OK". You get a B+, they reprimand you like you just got a D or below.

10 Pets Dying

This can happen to anybody though

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11 Harsh Parents

YES! They yell and punish you all the time.

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