Top Ten Things That Suck About Being Warm/Hot

The Top Ten

1 Feeling Like You're Going to Have Heat Stroke
2 Having No Water to Cool You Down

That's why I prefer the cold better. - cosmo

I'd rather get cold than get hot. - EpicJake

This has happened to me before when the air condiotioner doesn't work. - cosmo

When my mom babysat my cousins years ago during the summer they would constantly hog the air conditioner by standing in front of it and they would also hog the fam and they won't let me use my personal fan or A/C in my room EVEN WHEN IT WAS 100 DEGREES THAT DAY


3 Body Getting Sticky
4 Sweating After Shower

This is why I take cold showers when it's hot and warm. - EpicJake

5 Being Worn Out
6 Having to Change Your Clothes Again
7 You Can Not Sleep

This has happened to me before when the air conditioner doesn't work. - cosmo

This happened once, I was stuck sleeping without my blanket and sheets on. - EpicJake

I had this a couple weeks ago. The power was out for 8 hours. The power kicked in around 6 A.M., finally I could sleep. It was 65ยบ, but there was zero wind speed. So with the windows open, didn't really change anything. - westofohio

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