Top Ten Things to Suddenly Shout Out Loud at 4am


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1 That dream was amazing!

I once walked into my parents room and started pulling off their sheets, thinking it was my red jacket.

I've done it twice. - Animefan12

2 Are you asleep?!

Random Guy #1- Are you asleep?
Random Guy #2- Grunt.
Random Guy #1- Hello?
Random Guy #2- Huh? 5 more mini... Zzz. - jmepa1234

3 Is the garage still there?

Oh no, the garage! Oh, it's still there. Phew!

I love this element and this list and the creatress of this list the amazing Britgirl! Who is the most amazing being in the world! :)

In your face, Spidey! - keyson

I don't get it

4 I'm bored!
5 Am I talking too loudly?!

Lol your mama will tell you... - Ananya


6 Fore!
7 Arrrgh!
8 Can't bloody sleep!
9 Wanna "Play" Again

Why do I have a feeling this is a sexual reference? Then again, I don't really know how to tell if they are or not. - RockFashionista

Nah..I wanna just continue dreaming bout world domination - Toucan

10 Oh boy 3AM!

Patrick Star

The Contenders

11 Where's my motherf***ing pickles?!

They should be hanging off you. It's where you left them, I hope. - PositronWildhawk

Kid "Where's my motherf***ing pickles?! "
Mother "Jimmy watch your language! "

12 Say "hello" to my little friend!

If you insist..."Hello there! "... But he only popped up to see me just a few hours ago. ,! - Britgirl

13 It's 4am!! Haha! Woohoo!

YAY! It's like 9:00! Yay. woohoo. - funnyuser


14 Spider sense tingling!
15 I'd be asleep if I wasn't awake!
16 I gonna kick my own a**

WOW!, that sound very disturbing - YanRocky

So do I - IceFoxPlayz

17 21!

People at my school sometimes say 21! It's from a vine.

18 The future is in the past. Onwards Aoshima!
19 My name is Jeff

Wins Year 6 at my class' vote, followed by 21!

It's from 22 Jump Street! - TheYoshiOverlord

20 Let it go! Let it go!
21 Hahaha I just got that joke you told me nine hours ago!
22 Loooooooooooooohh!!

Run down the hall - CityGuru

23 Oh boy! Time to eat a krabby patty!
24 I Believe I Can Fly!
25 Breakfast!
26 I created this list 1 year and 243 days ago!
27 Allahu Akbar!
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1. Are you asleep?!
2. Is the garage still there?
3. Am I talking too loudly?!
1. That dream was amazing!
2. I'm bored!
3. Am I talking too loudly?!
1. That dream was amazing!
2. Are you asleep?!
3. Is the garage still there?


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