Top 10 Things Supercell Should Change in Clash Royale


The Top Ten

1 Executioner

The executioner is too strong and even the new update, it still seems like that he does-it-all. I think he shouldn't have the area damage behind him when his axe comes back(that's like cutting his own hand ) - ClashRoyale

2 Zap Zap

The zap spell is not really good since the update in January, since the damage is reduced and now it can't kill same level goblins. - ClashRoyale

3 Poison

The poison spell really isn't a good card, since Supercell took the slowing effect away, and it is not a good replacement for fireball. Fireball does instant damage, and it has the 360 degree knock-away. The poison spell, does damage slowly and it can't slow troops down. Even the new balance change yesterday won't change anything. - ClashRoyale

4 Sparky Sparky

Sparky is very easy to be defended, since it can be reseted by a zap/lightning/ice spirit/freeze and its hit speed is too slow. I suggest to change the hit speed to 3sec, but reducing its health and damage. - ClashRoyale

Maybe faster attack, but lower damage each zap. - micahisthebest

It need to attack faster!

5 X-Bow

The X-Bow is not a popular card in Clash Royale. I think that's because its damage is too low. - ClashRoyale

6 Hog Rider Hog Rider

The hog rider is too strong! - ClashRoyale

7 Mega Minion

The mega minion should be more stronger after being nerfed (I like the original version) - ClashRoyale

8 The Log

The Log should have its original damage, and I really dislike the version now - ClashRoyale

9 The Cancel Button Functionality

Aww, I was hoping I could put this here until I saw this.

10 Giant

The Giant's health is too high in my opinion, and he should be nerfed. - ClashRoyale

The Contenders

11 Electro Wizard

The electro wizard is too strong in defense, and I hope his damage will be weakened(the spwan damage should remain as a lv9 zap). - ClashRoyale

12 P.E.K.K.A

Pekka have more health than mega knight pekka does more damage than his jump and spawn damage and both have same elixir cost so pekka should be nerfed

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