Top 10 Things Supercell Should Change in Clash Royale


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1 Executioner

The executioner is too strong and even the new update, it still seems like that he does-it-all. I think he shouldn't have the area damage behind him when his axe comes back(that's like cutting his own hand ) - ClashRoyale

2 Zap

The zap spell is not really good since the update in January, since the damage is reduced and now it can't kill same level goblins. - ClashRoyale

3 Poison

The poison spell really isn't a good card, since Supercell took the slowing effect away, and it is not a good replacement for fireball. Fireball does instant damage, and it has the 360 degree knock-away. The poison spell, does damage slowly and it can't slow troops down. Even the new balance change yesterday won't change anything. - ClashRoyale

4 Sparky Sparky

Sparky is very easy to be defended, since it can be reseted by a zap/lightning/ice spirit/freeze and its hit speed is too slow. I suggest to change the hit speed to 3sec, but reducing its health and damage. - ClashRoyale

Maybe faster attack, but lower damage each zap. - micahisthebest

It need to attack faster!

5 X-Bow

The X-Bow is not a popular card in Clash Royale. I think that's because its damage is too low. - ClashRoyale

6 Hog Rider V 1 Comment
7 Mega Minion

The mega minion should be more stronger after being nerfed (I like the original version) - ClashRoyale

8 The Log

The Log should have its original damage, and I really dislike the version now - ClashRoyale

9 Giant

The Giant's health is too high in my opinion, and he should be nerfed. - ClashRoyale

10 The Cancel Button Functionality

Aww, I was hoping I could put this here until I saw this.

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11 Electro Wizard

The electro wizard is too strong in defense, and I hope his damage will be weakened(the spwan damage should remain as a lv9 zap). - ClashRoyale

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