Top 10 Things Swiper the Fox Needs to Do Next Time He Tries to Steal Dora's Stuff

Here are the Top 10 things Swiper The Fox needs to do next time if he tries to steal Dora's stuff. Think of it as a what if cartoon villains were actually smart type of thing.

The Top Ten

1 Shoot Dora with a Sniper Rifle

Sniper No Sniping!

2 Put Super Glue on Dora's Mouth So that She Won't Be Able to Say Swiper No Swiper


3 Stab Dora with a Knife
4 Put Dora in a Sleeper Hold
5 Bite Dora and Gives Her Rabies
6 Set a Trap on Dora
7 Beat Up Dora
8 Swear at Dora Until She Faints
9 He and the Grumpy Old Troll Team Up on Dora

That would be easier.

10 Team Up with Paw Patrol and Kill Dora

Yeah paw patrol and swiped order no commands from dora

The Contenders

11 Hire Some Professional Robbers to Steal All of Dora's Stuff
12 Kill Boots Then Launch Dora Off a Catapult
13 Swiper Kicks Her Into a Volcano
14 Swiper Kills Her with a Lightsaber
15 Swiper Hires a Hitman to Track Her and Boots Down
16 Hire Sonic the Hedgehog to Blitz Her.
17 Summon Chuck Norris

He makes everything easier.

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