Top 10 Things Tails Fans Need to Realise

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1 He's Not that Great
2 There are Better Characters Out There

*ahem*, @ToadF1, There are far better characters than Toad out there too! - darthvadern

3 They're Rude and Offensive to Other Fanbases/Hatebases

However, entries on this list like 'They are not cool' and 'They are hypocrites' are just as rude and offensive to the Tails fanbase. Sure, there's a few people within the fanbase who are a bit disrespectful, but it's downright unfair to let their behaviour create bad stereotypes. They are not at all representative of everybody on the Internet who likes and appreciates Tails. - Entranced98

Yeah you're right most of them are nice. This list is probably created because of a troll - ParkerFang

4 They are Not Cool
5 They are Taking Over This Site

There is not too many left due to the broken sonic fan base.

6 Overrated Doesn't Mean Bad

One of the only things I agree with here, which is important for all fanbases to know. I'm not saying all Tails fans don't understand this - a few people do tend to drop the word 'overrated' into discussions quite a bit (occasionally more than necessary), and it should never be taken as disparaging. Even if it is used as an insult, it's never a strong and justified one. - Entranced98

Actually don't agree when this entry because it's hypocrisy because on his list of why he wants to leave. He said because it's overrated - toptenforlife

7 People Have Opinions
8 They are Hypocrites

Umm.. excuse a me! Amy Rose fans are the real ones.

9 Tails is a Good Character

No he isn't. Cream is

10 They are Spammers

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11 Tails Made His Debut in One of the Best Sonic Games of All Time
12 Not Everyone Has to Like Tails
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