Top 10 Things Teenage Girls Like


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1 Make-Up

Please stop putting such stereotypical items on these sort of lists. It's not some sort of fact that teenage girls like makeup. I personally hate it and don't wear it because it's just stupid to me. - Element119

I am a 13 year old girl and I hate everything on this list

Nah I don't care for make up - NikoX

2 Pop Music

Older pop music is decent, but modern pop music is awful. - Element119

I like some. Pretty much from 1995-2014 - NikoX

belch - Lucretia

3 Pink

No. Blue and black are much better colors. - Element119

I used to like it when I was 5 but now I prefer purple, blue, and black - NikoX

Prefer black and red and blue - Lucretia

4 Boy Bands

Oh god no. Boy bands are terrible to me. - Element119

Only like the korean ones like BTS - MLPFan

This is so stereotypical but true

Yeah, I like some of them. - NikoX

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5 Puppies

Alright, first thing on the list I can agree with. Puppies are cool. - Element119

yah - Lucretia

6 Chokers

No, definitely not wearing. - Element119

yuk - Lucretia

7 Melanie Martinez

Please no. Do you really expect every teenage girl to like the items on this list anyway? - Element119

bleach - Lucretia

8 Shopping

Send me to the depths of hell and back, but I'm always going to hate shopping. Such a waste of time to walk around a store just looking at stupid stuff, it's pretty pointless unless you're just getting what you need and leaving. But don't even bother to try to get me to go shopping, I'll find some way to get out of it. - Element119

9 Teen Dramas

Once again, no. - Element119

10 Sex

Romance and sex are of no interest to me. I could honestly care less. - Element119

Well... Um... Some do... If they are fast and horny. - NikoX

Can you stop tolling my list? I had enough of how boys and girls who like sex! Sex is very bad for teenagers! - DynastiNoble

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11 Metal Music

For once on this list, metal is awesome. One thing I can actually agree with on here. I'm guessing the author didn't put this on here though, especially with your comment "I thought metal are for boys...". Do you really think music genres are restricted to genders and that only boys can listen to metal? If so, I'm quite concerned about you. - Element119

M'dear, you cannot make generalizations about people. While it is true that many teenage girls like pop and makeup and other stuff deemed "girly," there are plenty who are tomboys and like metal, such as myself. Stuff isn't just for one gender. I can be just as obsessed with my power metal as the next boy. - Merilille

I thought metal are for boys... - DynastiNoble

Yeah - NikoX

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12 Teen Sitcoms

Back to my usual "no" answer. Uninterested in this. - Element119

13 Soundgarden Soundgarden Soundgarden is an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1984 by singer and rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell, lead guitarist Kim Thayil, and bassist Hiro Yamamoto.

But I'm a male and I like them - jack2244

14 Anime
15 Teen pop music

yuk - Lucretia

No. - Element119

16 Simple Minds Simple Minds Simple Minds are a Scottish rock band formed in 1977. They achieved commercial success in the 1980s and, despite various personnel changes, continue to record and tour.
17 Victoria Justice Victoria Justice Victoria Dawn Justice is an American actress and singer. She debuted as an actress at the age of ten and has since appeared in several films and television series including the Nickelodeon series, Zoey 101 and Victorious.

She was one of my role models growing up. - NikoX

18 Miranda Cosgrove Miranda Cosgrove Miranda Taylor Cosgrove is an American actress and singer. Her career began at the age of three, when she appeared in television commercials.

Was she in School of Rock with Jack Black? - Britgirl

19 Fashion

Basically the same as the makeup comment-please stop making stereotypical comments. I'm a teenage girl and I hate fashion. - Element119

20 Boleros Boleros
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