Top Ten Things That Most Teenagers Love

A teenage is usually a person between 14 and 20 years old. these are the interests of any teenager either a boy or a girl.

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1 Music

Music is my #1 passion, and I can't possibly envision my life without it. It would be so amazing if I ever get the chance to pursue my little music production hobby as a legitimate career.

I'm so passionate about music! Give me anything, pop, rock, classic, country, heavy metal, techno... I WILL PROBABLY LOVE IT. There are times when I like to jam to new songs into my hairbrush and times when I like to appreciate the beautiful voices that were around before my time. It's just the most amazing creation ever. I play piano and I also love the sound of both acoustic and electric guitars however I just adore the beautiful simplicity amd sound of a heart. I also just love to sing.

Music is the best thing in this whole world, it has nothing wrong about it and everyone has the right to listen to it and music is definitely one of the best things about teenagers and teens are the main reason for the continuous development of music nowadays.

I love still loving you! It actually fits a moment in my life when my girlfriend and me broke up. Anyways, I still love my music.

2 Video Games

They really help me clear my mind and relax or just have some plain fun every now and then.

Contrary to teens' beliefs, video games are less important than schoolwork.

They are way better than life

My favourite game is minecraft

3 Television

With all the benefits of streaming, there is hardly any need for cable T.V. anymore.

With so many different shows whether comedy, action, animation or scientific, television became a major part of any teenager's life however it probably has a bad effects on many teenagers especially on those who care about their school level.

What is Netflix

It is so amazing get the finest quality of movies at the touch of your fingers

4 Love (Dating)

I have done a lot of research about teenagers, because I will become one myself in a year. I read about teenage driving, teenage masturbation, teenage suicide, teenage runaways, teenage dropout rates. It shocked me. But none of what I read said much about teenage friendship/relationships. If media is to be believed, teenagers are so busy these days breaking laws and trying to kill themselves and others to form any bonds of attachment. Unless, of course, those bonds produce a teenage pregnancy.

My research had a lot of information on that.

I have no interest in romance. It just seems like a waste of my time. I suppose I am the exception to the rule, as most teenagers seem to be obsessed with dating and such.

Lol, the only person I love is Andy Biersack. (and of course my family)

Dating is stupid

5 Smartphones

I think it's pretty incredible that we live in a time where we all carry around a device that grants us access to limitless information, productivity, and communication.

I don't have a phone is, I'm 15 and I'm glad I don't! What's so good about phones anyway? They're just boring and social media sucks.

They are the best electronic device in the world I had ever touched

A little too much, I know. I'm addicted...

6 Masturbation

It feels so good and is so good for your health

I don't do it because the more I do it, it's going to lead to problems like prostitution or just being horny which is a bad feeling.

It feels so good! You should really try it!

...You are the enemy of the people

7 Fashion and Style

I absolutely despise fashion. I hate going shopping, and even more so for clothes.

I'll be 13 in two months, and I love fashion and clothes! My favorite stores are Aeropostale and Hollister!

My look is me. I am a teen and I do The best to look.

Who doesn't care about fashion? Am I right?

8 YouTube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

There's something for everyone on this site, what more could you ask for?

All teens love this!

I love YouTube, I use it for fun and learning, and education.


9 Internet

The internet lets me make friends with people from all over the world, and that's pretty great.

Internet lets me talk to my friends that I moved away from and loved dearly.

My best friend.

Yes Internet is AMAZING

10 Cartoons

I will never understand people that think animation is for kids only. It's a medium that allows for things that wouldn't be possible in live action productions.

I'm 13 and I think that cartoons are best things ever.

Who says cartoons are for kids?

Anime is much better

The Contenders

11 Movies

Movies and chill? YES PLEASE

DUH? who doesn't?

12 Parties

I hate parties, they're very loud and people do extremely stupid things there.

I hate parties...mainly because I hate being around people, especially when they're acting like idiots. At a party, I'd just stand in the corner until it's over and listen to my own music to tune out the noise of them yelling and playing music I hate.

I love parties! Since I have anniversaries in my mind

Love parties sometimes

13 Teen Pop

God no. Please don't torture me with this modern teen pop music, which basically all of it is terrible. Some older pop music is tolerable, but the popular music today is just awful in my opinion.

This is all true.

No I don't, it's a Horrible Genre.

14 Texting

What would I do without texting? Making plans with my bffs, helping each other with homework or just chatting... it's really nice to have such an easy way to communicate outside school without seeing each other face to face.

Every teen's life!

I like texting

15 Shopping

I hate shopping. I understand that a little is necessary (I'd rather just shop online though so I don't have to go to a store), but I'd rather just already decide what I need and then quickly go in the store and buy it and leave. Not just walking around a store looking for random things I might "like", that's just wasting time.

I think I just assume that buying more stuff will make me happy. And they do! Have you SMELLED new books?

Have I mentioned that I don't like shopping?

I'll shop if it's for video games. Other wise, it's a big no.

16 Sex

Ahh sex, me and my girlfriend had it the other day... I remember that day, it was probably like 9th or 10th grade or something

Choke me harder daddy

I rather do it with someone I marry

Best thing ever bro feels so good make sure she got a fat as u know what I'm saying

17 Themselves

I have a love hate relationship with myself if that even makes sense

Admit it

Sometimes I hate myself
sometimes I love myself

18 Social Media

Ha-Ha. I Don't have Facebook, I don't want Facebook and I don't need Facebook. It's just were popular people go to suck up to other popular people, or bully them, no thanks Facebook is not for me.

Nobody uses it anymore due to the fact that it is overrun by parents.

Unfortunately, I have to use Facebook for school news.

Why isn't this on top

19 Anime

How was anime not on this list yet? It isn't just nerds who love anime. Anyone can get into anime just as anyone can get into cartoons and video games.

I love anime! Especially Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, My Hero Academia, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Assassination Classroom!

I love anime, it is my life!

Top ten anime betrayals

20 Attitude

I have a lot and I mean a lot of attitude! What ever

M born with it

21 Food

I love food, and I eat a lot of healthy foods and I've been cutting down on my sweets lately.

Food is bae

22 Porn

Porn is stupid.

Just wanna f my teachers

Porn hub yess

23 Hillary Duff Hilary Erhard Duff is an American actress and singer. Duff began her acting career at a young age, and quickly became labeled a teen idol as the starring titular character in the television series Lizzie McGuire.


24 Hating Justin Beiber

I LOVE Justin Bieber

Don't we all?

I agree

I hate him.

25 Dip Dying Their Hair

I've done it in pink its like a soft baby pink

I love blonding my hair a lot

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