Top Ten Things that Teenagers Want to Tell Other People

What teens want to say to Adults and other teenagers.

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1 I act the way I act and you can't change that

This is true. My mom tries to get me to be less shy, but I'll still be shy, no matter what she does. I was born like this and no one can do anything about it. - 906389

I'm sorry I'm too sassy or too shy or too happy or anything, but I am who I am and won't be changed - AnonymousChick

It's True, I must say - Love me for who I am and not for who you wants me to be, Take it or Leave it...That simple - Righteous

I would love to say this to some people. - Martinglez

2 Adults pretend to understand by saying they also were teenagers, but things are different now

And the kids will be saying that when you are older. Such is the circle of life. - Britgirl

Yeah, really is. There always saying "when I was a kiddo", and then they always turn on that. - EliHbk

3 I look the way I look and you can not change that

Zits, emo hair, clear face or shiny gold curls, we look how we look. - AnonymousChick

4 We aren't all the same V 1 Comment
5 Although a great many of us are disrespectful, the majority are and get hatred,
6 We have a reason to be unhappy

I understand I have an upper middle class life but school is stressful, other teenagers are stressful, and parents complaining about us aren't making anything better - AnonymousChick

7 We have the right to dress the way we do

I may not be a teenager yet, but this is so freaking true! Parents, this is my body and not yours, so it's up to me to decide what I should wear. What's wrong with wearing something simple things like T-shirt and jeans? Wearing something that doesn't look pretty in people's eyes won't end the world! Besides, I think I look good in them. The last time I wore a "sexy" clothe because my parents forced me to, people starred at me. It's SO EMBARRASSING! Thanks for lowering my confidence, mom and dad - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

There was never a rule against band tshirts. There was never a rule against croptops. - AnonymousChick

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8 Our music is our life so stop making fun of it

Yep, everyone have different choices why everyone judge us on our choice, Judge me who I'm and not on my choices - Righteous

9 Guess who taught us the swear words?

Hmmm I wonder who... I just went to school saying to school saying the cool words daddy was screaming while stuck in traffic

10 Our generation is still growing so stop thinking you know everything about our future as adults

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11 We want to have sex like bunnies

This made me laugh too hard - Skyleesue811

12 We are extremely rude to kids for no reason
13 I am much more opinionated than you believe
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