Top 10 Things to Tell Sword Art Online Fanboys

This is just a joke list so no offense for anyone offended. This is here is just pure reaction towards a list called "Top 10 Things To Tell Sword Art Online Haters". If you're a fan of SAO, this is not a list to target you people. This list targets more specifically a very big subset of the community that are comparable to the No Man's Boys and Zelda Fanboys (If you know what I mean).

The Top Ten Things to Tell Sword Art Online Fanboys

1 Why are you not watching the show? Because you have to waste time yelling at a stranger online, I guess the show can't grab your attention after all
2 Can you listen for a few minutes
3 I have my own opinions on the show with valid reasons

That's a solid argument. - alphadan12

4 Who cares about your rant toward me
5 You are not Sword Art Online or Kirito or Asuna

Thing is, most SAO fans are smart enough to know that. I get that they like an anime you hate (and have probably attacked hundreds of critics for disagreeing with them), but it's not fair to assume that everyone who's a fan of it is this stupid. - alphadan12

I'm critisizing a show and it's bad characters, So why do you have to be offended - YourWaifuSucks

6 Please leave me alone
7 How do I affect your opinion on the show?
8 Do you have a better counter argument for my opinion?
9 Asuna is a bad waifu

But... she's cute!

10 I respect your opinion but don't shove it on my face

The Contenders

11 If you don't want to listen then leave
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