Top 10 Things to Tell Sword Art Online Haters

With the anticipated second Sword Art Online movie project in place, it brings up one issue that the franchise still faces. Why do the Sword Art Online haters have to make the fans feel bad and ruin the series for them? This is a list of what to say to the haters in the WITHOUT BEING TOO MUCH OF A RAGING FAN. So think carefully about what you say before adding it to this list if you don't want more haters.

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21 Why do you even care?

Hater who watches Ordinal Scale trailer: Why is this franchise still around?
Me: Why do you care? If you don't like this franchise even after season 2, then don't bother anymore and move on. - Coreylordo

22 Go get a life

I have a life. I won't be too specific since I like my privacy but I do. - RoseRedFlower

Well, personally, I'd call going into the real world more life-like than overpraising an otherwise mediocre anime and writing a whole bunch of fanfics.

23 SAO is a great anime. Reasons.

Okay, don't see my opinion as rage but, I think SAO has reasons to its amazing story. 1. It's very tearful. I watched season 1 and by the end of the season, I was crying to tears (People around me thought I was crazy...). 2. The cliffhangers make people hang onto the edge of their seats. I had to hold my heart as it raged for me to watch more SAO. It wanted to find all the scary, dramatic, and romantic parts. 3. It is magical. The anime makes you die when it becomes sad but then, a happy (-ish) end comes. Now please don't tell me this is rage fan opinion. It isn't. Anyways, yeah. that it? You just said SAO is great and added the word reasons. You didn't actually give out reasons. You just said it. You know, I'm starting to wonder what the purpose of this list is. - RoseRedFlower

24 Go eat dog poop

This is a very reasonable response


25 At least it's not School Days

Haha, yeah. People may hate SAO, but there are worse anime out there. Like, have you even heard of Tenshi Drop? Trust me, it's garbage

26 Don't hate it just because other people say it's bad

Seriously, most people only hate on SAO because their friends or family or favourite anime YouTubers say it sucks. It's become so popular to hate on SAO that people who haven't even seen it hate on it. You need to decide for yourself whether you like SAO or not (and if you already have, that's fine). For example, I started watching SAO under the impression that it would suck and that I was just wasting my time, but I personally really liked it

27 Hate on Sugou, not Kirito.

Honestly, they're both not very good. Sugou is a generic villain that was given a creepy personality because he's evil. Kirito is a dull character who never changes throughout the story. He keeps talking about how he's a 'lone gamer' but he teams up so many times in the Aincrad Arc! Not only that but he praised Kayaba for never running away but Sugou did. Kayaba killed thousands of people, that's why he never ran away. Also, way to say you shouldn't hate SAO but it's okay to hate this guy! Kind of seems a bit hypocritical. - RoseRedFlower

Okay, whoever disliked that is definitely triggered

Ones a rapist the other is a generic male lead - PrinceOfFire

They both suck. Kirito is a boring generic kid with no personality besides just being "the good guy". The show refused to make him look bad, and just makes him this godlike figure with no weakness.
Sogou is a generic Villain with nothing redeeming. He's just an over-the-top criminalistic villain that no one would realistically trust or side with. You are supposed to hate him, and nothing else.
And this argument is stupid anyway. Why would you dislike one character in place of another? If you dislike a character, you can dislike another character just fine. It's not up to someone on a top ten list.

28 Hate isn't Great

Hey it rhymes! If you have such problem with 'hate' ignore it. Ever heard the saying don't feed the trolls? - RoseRedFlower

"That's pretty much almost like saying the Holocaust or terrorism is amazing."
Look a triggered person

Hate is AMAZING.

"Hate is AMAZING."

That's pretty much almost like saying the Holocaust or terrorism is amazing.

29 Quit shaming the fans!

You mean te fans that say stupid stuff like what's on this list?

The fans don't bother me. It's not like I get all raged when I see SAO fanart or cosplay. I like looking at that stuff even if it's from SAO. - RoseRedFlower

30 Get bent.

They've probably already did so with Boku no Pico figurines. - Skullkid755

What does that mean?

Wow, an insult that ten year old Bart Simpson uses. Classic. - RoseRedFlower


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31 Because you're a donkey!

Donkeys are clever then

No I'm a karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon. You come and go, you come and go~! - RoseRedFlower

32 You are awesome
33 Respect other people's opinion. Your opinion isn't the only one that matters.
34 Haters gonna hate

Don't worry about those haters.They just probably watched better anime than SAO.It's their opinion.Not us fans.So we should just ignore them.

35 There are far worse anime

Boku no Pico, School Days, Bakugan. enough said. - FrozenHatingPokefan

36 It actually gets better in the second season
37 Stop generalizing the entire fanbase.
38 Please be more rational.

It's one thing to start an intelligent discussion on why they don't like SAO, but it's another to attack directly and/or generalize the fans.

Ad Homenims will not improve your argument. - alphadan12

39 I'll have my opinions, and you'll have yours. However, that doesn't mean you can ridicule people for having different opinions than you do.
40 Shut up ugly brat

Shut up, immature child - izayaorihara

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1. I respect your opinion but don't shove it in my face
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1. I completely agree with you.
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3. You are awesome
1. Go watch something better instead of bashing the fans for liking something hate.
2. Don't make the fans feel bad.
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