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1 Lego Cannibals

Yes. Without a dobt. This is just what the world needs. Something original. My god, it's like "The Blair Withc Project". So simple, yet so ingenious. Why is there not a movie about this yet? Is this idea copyrighted? Someone get to writing a script, right now!

2 A Documentary of Lice in Lice's Point of View

Imagine what that would look like. - FrankP

3 The Kuiper Belt and Beyond

I would love to see a movie like this. - RockFashionista

4 All About King George The XIII
5 Your Brain and How it Works
6 World War 3: The Taliban Falls
7 Zeus, Poseidon and Hades
8 Elijah of Buxton

There has to be movie for this book it would be truly amazing. - FrankP

9 And to Think I Could Trust You
10 Dissecting Your Body Organ By Organ

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11 Horror Movie Hunger Games
12 The Users of TheTopTens

I'm sure BritGirl would steal the show! - NintendoROCK3T

13 Lucifer

The history of the devil, as he turned bad and as sowed fear in the land

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14 Slender Man
15 World of Warcraft
16 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
17 High School Speech Team
18 The Great Nuclear War: USA, EU & Israel vs. China, Russia & Mid East

What would happen if the technological West led by the United States got in a full scale war against the endless man power of the East led by China? And what happens when out of desperation they all unleash a full scale nuclear attack? And which governments and people survive after the chaos? I would love to see the war strategy of each nation and of course clip after clip of nukes decimating major city after major city!

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19 1st World Problems

Didn't someone all ready make that - FrankP

A parody of 1st world problems

20 Kingdom Hearts
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1. Lego Cannibals
2. A Documentary of Lice in Lice's Point of View
3. The Kuiper Belt and Beyond



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