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1 Deleting Lists

I agree. There are some lists some users don't like what they made, so this would be a great idea. - EpicJake

Definitely not happening since the lists are property of TheTopTens and not the user's.

I should really tell Admin about some of these. - cosmo

I hope this one happens. - Delgia2k

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2 To Un-Vote On Lists

This has to be #1. Un-voting is a big issue when you accidentally click and vote on the item you don't even intend to vote.

I can't see why such a basic fix could easily be ignored, it affects what people think about you. - VGF80

3 To Change Your Username V 2 Comments
4 You Can Add More Dishonorable Mentions

I lost count of how many dishonorable mentions I have for "Worst Disney Movies of All Time". Let's see, there's...

1. The Fox and the Hound
2. Bambi
3. The Lion King
4. Dumbo
5. The Rescuers
6. The Little Mermaid
7. Lady and the Tramp
8. Oliver & Company
9. The Jungle Book
10. 101 Dalmatians
11. Gordy
12. Mary Poppins
13. The Aristocats
14. Finding Nemo
15. Toy Story
16. Ratatouille
17. Toy Story 3
18. Up
19. Toy Story 2
20. Tangled
21. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
22. Beauty and the Beast
23. Peter Pan
24. Pinocchio
25. Frozen
26. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
27. Lilo & Stitch
28. Aladdin
29. Robin Hood
30. The Great Mouse Detective

There's more after that...

I need at least 10 dishonorable mentions in remixes.

Very important,though there should be at least five dishonorable mentions there. - zxm

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5 Private Group Chats

Should be added. Chatting with more than 1 people at once would be fun - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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6 No Justin Bieber Jokes

Any valid reason? Because from how I see it, any Justin Bieber referenced item on a negative list has a justification of its inclusion. The only thing many people find questionable is how it's ranked high on the list. So basically, complaining about it would be pointless.

I think no complaint about Bieber jokes is better. - Puga

This one should really happen. Even if I hate him JB jokes are really getting old. - cosmo

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7 A "Random List" Button V 1 Comment
8 Member Search

There really needs to be one. It's getting annoying that you have to find users in your followers section, then going to their followers, and so on, taking 3 hours just to find one user.

Yeah, there needs to be a member search on here. - EpicJake

9 A Chatroom

Exactly! I wanna start a petition to bring the chatroom back. If you wanna join, just message me. A blog post about this will be posted soon
#Bringthechatroom_back! - MLPFan

10 A "Last Seen" Setting

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11 Adding Comments Without Voting

This really needs to be done,cause if there is a troll list,then everyone votes on the list in order to express their comments,and thus a troll list gets many votes and the lists gets on hottest lists page,which is annoying.that's the reason lots of good lists don't appear on the hottest list page - zxm

12 Suggested Posts at the Bottom of Blog Posts
13 A Way to See Which Users Liked/Disliked a Comment V 1 Comment
14 More Than 20 Items In a Page
15 Ability to See the Lowest Voted Comments
16 A Page On Wikipedia
17 A Blog Post Search Bar
18 List Collaboration System V 1 Comment
19 A Way for Visitors to Follow Users On the Device They Use

Visitors shouldn't have the same rights as users. It defeats the main purpose of creating an account.

I agree with Jared on this one. Although there are some very knowledgeable visitors on this site. - IronSabbathPriest

20 A YouTube Channel

No...YouTube is full of putridity such as those stinking adventure time fanvideos!

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1. Adding Comments Without Voting
2. Ability to See the Lowest Voted Comments
3. Member Search
1. A "Random List" Button
2. A Chatroom
3. A Way to See Which Users Liked/Disliked a Comment
1. Deleting Lists
2. To Un-Vote On Lists
3. To Change Your Username

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