Top Ten Things that TheTopTens Should Have by 2018

What do you guys think thetoptens should have have 2018? Vote for what you want Admin to give us.

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1 "Vote or Comment?" Option

PLEASE... I hate having to vote on lists to add a comment why I don't like the reasoning to the list or whatever. - Rue

Very important. A lot of troll lists get onto hottest list because of this. - zxm

This and the number one needs to be real right now, it's not possible that you must vote for post a comment - DaisyandRosalina

Has not happened - iliekpiez

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2 The Ability to Comment on Multiple Users on the "Best Users of TheTopTens" List

It's like that on all user themed lists. That's annoying. But you can remix though - 445956

Why you can not post more than one comment? - DaisyandRosalina

This is one reason why I hate that list. - Powerfulgirl10

No - iliekpiez

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3 A Random List Button

This would be a great addition - sadly it seems like some good lists by new users have just gone under the radar, and a random list button would probably help them to get the recognition they deserve. - Entranced98

Let it take you somewhere random. That'll be fun. - DCfnaf

*Takes you to "greatest anime traps"* - SoldierOfFortune

Not done - iliekpiez

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4 More Dishonorable Mentions

I agree - this works for troll items. Yesterday I made a list about metal musicians with 10 items and I got 5 troll entries very quickly - Stevie Wonder, Prince and similar. I put 3 of them on dishonorable mentions but 3 is not enough. What if I get more troll items and they get into the top 5 of the list? I reported the errors ("don't belong") but from my experience this measure rarely works. - Metal_Treasure

Agreed; I have the same problem. I try to submit an error report but they rarely go through. I think we should have more; five to seven is fine. - Gg2000

I needed this on the Worst Pokemon Characters list because there are more than 3 I wanted to put on Dishonorable mentions. Sometimes 3 isn't enough. Especially when it's list about hating something. - Rue

Five dishonorable mentions is better than three. - DCfnaf

On user lists, disappeared - iliekpiez

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5 Deleting Lists

Maybe. I've quite a few I'm not proud of. The thing is though, while any member regards a list they made as unworthy, others may find wholly entertaining; it's just a matter of taste. Another thing with list deletion is that if we all did this to our own personal lists, TheTopTens website would suffer badly. - Britgirl

I doubt Admin will ever do this. If they do it, we will lose lots of points. That means thousands of comments, posts, remixes, replies. This will change the history of toptens. Cause users will keep deleting their lists one by one. So I think it's better to leave it. But in some cases some lists are removable. - zxm

I feel that when you realise that lists cannot be deleted, you put in more effort on your lists so that they turn out as good lists. No list should get deleted - styLIShT

Not done - iliekpiez

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6 Changing Your Username

I think this is a good idea but I think that if you change your username you need to wait for long days to change it again like if you want to change your name on facebook - RoseCandyMusic

I want to change my name, also. That will be cool. Let us change our names Admin. - Arcxia

I want to change my username so bad. My current one sucks. - Powerfulgirl10

Hahaa not done - iliekpiez

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7 Dates on Comments

Whoever added this is a smart, smart person. I really want this since people STILL think I disrespect opinions nowadays. - DCfnaf

Then I would know the actual day I joined. I said November 11 because of the post comment I made on my first or second day.

We definitely need this!

Not done - iliekpiez

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8 A Wikipedia Page

I don't think we need one - Neonco31

It's already bad enough we're given a bad name on Encyclopedia Dramatica... Let's not make it worse with Wikipedia. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It might be good... - Jay12

This is saying quite a lot about the adminstrator isn't it now - iliekpiez

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9 Private Group Chats

Yeah this would be better than the current message system. - StarlightSpanks

I just have a collab account with ProPanda for that lol - WonkeyDude98

I just have a collab account with Du that lol - AlphaQ

10 Group Chats

Good luck with that.

Why not try Discord? There is a chatroom for the website there - Neonco31

Not done - iliekpiez

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11 The Ability to Moderate List Items

There is already an option for it. Same with this list. See "Error Reporting" on this page. But it must be objective. Subjective list items aren't allowed for it. - zxm

For example this way you can prevent incorrect items from being added to one of your lists - christangrant

12 The Ability to Copy and Paste Images Onto Posts

That would be great. - zxm

13 Deleting Troll Entries from Our Own Lists

This could work only if we have to give an explanation to why the list doesn't belong. We could delete it first and if the explanation is approved it will stay deleted. - cjWriter1997

Depends on how much exactly the item is troll. Things like, adding Nicki Minaj or Justin Bieber on best singer list isn't counted as troll. Though most trolls use these kinds of things. But, it could be based on opinions too. So, where there stands an opinion, that thing isn't counted as troll. No matter how much unpopular the opinion is. Only those are troll items, which CAN"T BE added to there. For example, someone added Taylor Swift on my "Most powerful countries of World War II" list. That item was deleted before it appeared. - zxm

This would only work if we had to give an explanation why - Randomator

It kind of depends though. Some people might just abuse this and delete anything they don’t agree with

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14 A Mobile App

A mobile app able to give you notifications when people message you or comment on your list would be extraordinary. I really think this should be the sites focus because of how technology is becoming. - cjWriter1997

But it could take up space - TwilightKitsune

Not done - iliekpiez

15 Ability to Dislike Comments

I was bummed when this was removed. This needs to come back - Randomator

No not done. Christ adminstrator. - iliekpiez

16 Correcting Grammar Mistakes Before Submitting an Item
17 Dates on Lists

Lists don't have date. But it shows how much old it is. So, I don't think its really necessary at this moment. - zxm

I don’t want to see that a list is made 1 year and 246 days ago again. - MrCoolC

18 Ability to Reply to Comments

I've said before in the hope that admin takes the hint that it would be good if users and visitors could reply to comments via the user's comments' section on their profile page instead of on the actual list. it would be good to be given the choice. - Britgirl

19 An Item Remover
20 The Ability to Block Certain Users from Your Lists

I don't really like that idea because I used to not like DCfnaf when I was a noob because he had the opposite opinions as me. (Now he is one of my favorite users because he's nice and we reply stuff and it's cool) I would have blocked him from my lists because he had opposite opinions as me. (I was the worst user ever) But I'm glad he goes on my lists because I just...want people to go on my list, you know. But if you could unblock, then this is a good idea.

No. Everyone has a freedom of speech, given it follows the policy. - ProPanda

No. They have a right to vote on any list. - TwilightKitsune

I think this would be a good idea...

but they'd have to brea the rules in order for you to block them.

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21 The Ability to Create Pages
22 Faster Image Upload Times

That, or at least more consistent image upload times. Considering the administration has a tendency to approve images whenever they feel like it, image upload times usually either range from taking at best less than a day to perhaps a week or two or maybe even a month to get approved. As someone who uploads images on my lists frequently, it would be a significant improvement to the image uploading aspect of TheTopTens if the administration were to have an organized and fixed interval for all image upload times to take. About 1 week is the fixed interval time I would recommend. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It took hours to upload my photos of Mickey Rooney and John Goodman yet about a week for my Mason Ramsey photo to upload. - 445956

Whenever I upload an image it takes at least a week. - Randomator

It took 15 days for a couple of images I added to get approved. - PackFan2005

23 Delete Your Own Account Without Asking Admin

Why do we need admin approval to delete an account anyway? - Randomator

I know how to do this. - saturatedsunrise

I don't see why we need admin's authority in order to delete our own accounts. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

No, just no - MrCoolC

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24 Ability to See Who Liked or Disliked the Comments

Remember when the dislikes appeared on the screen? - htoutlaws2012

That sounds like it would cause controversy and hate. - DCfnaf

Umm, no. I don't want to start drama. - Arcxia

Just imagine all the drama this could cause

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25 A Downvote Button

Seriously, why did it even get removed? Just because a few people may have been abusing it doesn't mean it had to be taken out entirely! - WindWakerFan

26 More Customization for Your Profile Page

Yes. Like Interests, Friends (NOT ENEMIES), Favorite Post, Favorite Remix, etc. - DCfnaf

27 Yes/No Commenting Option for Non-Votable Subjective Lists

Yes, what's the point of the list if nobody can comment on it. - zxm

Yesterday I made my first list of this type and I admit this format is useful in some cases. I personally wanted to allow comments but there is no such option. Currently non-votable subjective lists don't allow comments. I think users should have an option to decide whether to allow comments or not.
I guess some of you never used it and maybe don't know how this looks like, so here's my list I am talking about: Top 10 Best Rock and Metal Singers Most People Never Heard Of
(in the list description I explain more things about this types of lists). - Metal_Treasure

28 Justin Bieber Not on Every Worst List

Yeah, JB sucks but what’s up with that person who adds him to every list? - Lunala

29 Separating the "Featured" List Tab Into Weekly and Annual Categories

To put it shortly, is it really necessary to limit each week's featured lists to simply two? I can understand that scarcity creates creativity, but when you really think about it, it's mostly the same people getting the featured spotlight almost every week instead of others who put in just as much effort and hard work as them. One good start would be to raise the weekly featured list amount from 2 to 5. But really, I think it would be more helpful to split the "Featured" list tab into two in order to feature both 10 weekly featured lists and 10 annual featured lists. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

30 Better Admins

Lol, good luck with this one. - DCfnaf

31 Links to Videos

This can happen, but the admins only choose when it is necessary. - DCfnaf

There should be links to either music videos or YouTube videos. enough said.

32 Send Images Through Private Messaging Without Having to Send a Link

I think you can actually do this but I'm not sure how. - DCfnaf

33 Adding Descriptions to Movies, Video Games, and Albums

You can actually do this, so you're already covered. - DCfnaf

Admin add this most of the time, automatically. - zxm

34 Fewer Trolls
35 A New Item Category for TV Episodes

There's a lot of lists revolving around episodes of T.V. shows, so I don't see why episodes haven't already been made a category for item submissions. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

36 Suspend Accounts Without Administration

No! People would abuse this. OANW would suspend every user on here. - DCfnaf

Heck no that will cause major drama - Randomator

Yeah this sounds like a bad idea

NO I've been suspended once and it'll just cause drama. - AlphaQ

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37 Delete Other Accounts Without Administration

No, it's like making Disney1994 admin on TheTopTens, he will delete all our accounts! - Neonco31

Heck no. That would cause major drama. Could you imagine if this existed? - Randomator

I mean outside of like everything What could possibly go wrong?

Then my 10 year old self (before I had an account) would delete any account who didn't like 1D because I was obsessed with that horrible band.

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38 Allowing Visitors to Add As Many Items As They Want to Lists

Unfortunately this would not be a good idea. There's been enough problems around here with visitor trolls in the past - why get rid of a feature that helps to keep them at bay? - Entranced98

This would benefit good visitors, but of course trolls will abuse it too much. - Lunala

This will definitely backfire

Uh oh, I think I know who added this. And no, this would be awful and so many unfactual items would get on a list. - DCfnaf

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39 Letting a Visitor Know That An Item on a List Has Already Been Added

It should apply to everyone who adds things on list but it does if a item on a list if you search for it - christangrant

40 Any Picture Can Have a Description
41 Ban on Lists About TopTenners
42 A "Like" and "Dislike" Section Next to the Comments
43 Letting Users Change Their Usernames

No, this would be a bad thing. I guess Britgirl could change her username to AmericaRocksScrewUK and nobody would realize it was her. - 445956

44 The Ability for Users to Add Images to Items on Lists They Didn't Make

This should be higher. - 445956

45 A Discord Chat

Would make sense - toptenforlife

46 Being Able to Vote on Non-Votable Lists When You're the Creator
47 Ability to Reply to a Reply
48 A "Block User" Option

This could cause drama. - MrCoolC

49 An "are You Sure You Want to Follow / Unfollow Option" When Viewing a User's Profile

I like to view many users' profiles but don't always wish to follow that user but sometimes I accidentally press the "follow" instead of "view" option and have to quickly unfollow, but that user immediately receives a message from admin to say I'm following them. I don't wish to follow all the users whose profile I view. It also happens the other way where I want to view a profile of a user I'm already following and accidentally unfollow them. - Britgirl

50 The Ability to Delete Comments on Your Lists
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