Top Ten Things that TheTopTens Should Have by 2018

What do you guys think thetoptens should have have 2018? Vote for what you want Admin to give us.

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1 "Vote or Comment?" Option

PLEASE... I hate having to vote on lists to add a comment why I don't like the reasoning to the list or whatever. - Rue

This and the number one needs to be real right now, it's not possible that you must vote for post a comment - DaisyandRosalina

Very important. A lot of troll lists get onto hottest list because of this. - zxm

This website should have a Vote or comment option. - Fullwalking2

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2 A Random List Button

This would be a great addition - sadly it seems like some good lists by new users have just gone under the radar, and a random list button would probably help them to get the recognition they deserve. - Entranced98

Let it take you somewhere random. That'll be fun. - DCfnaf

I am totally in support of this. - Nonpointed

*Takes you to "greatest anime traps"* - SoldierOfFortune

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3 The Ability to Comment on Multiple Users on the "Best Users of TheTopTens" List

Why you can not post more than one comment? - DaisyandRosalina

This is one reason why I hate that list. - Powerfulgirl10

@VGF5 you are welcome for this one. - DCfnaf

Yeah! - Neonco31

4 Deleting Lists

Maybe. I've quite a few I'm not proud of. The thing is though, while any member regards a list they made as unworthy, others may find wholly entertaining; it's just a matter of taste. Another thing with list deletion is that if we all did this to our own personal lists, TheTopTens website would suffer badly. - Britgirl

I doubt Admin will ever do this. If they do it, we will lose lots of points. That means thousands of comments, posts, remixes, replies. This will change the history of toptens. Cause users will keep deleting their lists one by one. So I think it's better to leave it. But in some cases some lists are removable. - zxm

As much as I know that it would cause damage...can my Lincoln = Kennedy list just never have existed? - WonkeyDude98

Technically we can do this. You just gotta message admin about a bad list you wanna remove. - Aragorn98

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5 More Dishonorable Mentions

I agree - this works for troll items. Yesterday I made a list about metal musicians with 10 items and I got 5 troll entries very quickly - Stevie Wonder, Prince and similar. I put 3 of them on dishonorable mentions but 3 is not enough. What if I get more troll items and they get into the top 5 of the list? I reported the errors ("don't belong") but from my experience this measure rarely works. - Metal_Treasure

I needed this on the Worst Pokemon Characters list because there are more than 3 I wanted to put on Dishonorable mentions. Sometimes 3 isn't enough. Especially when it's list about hating something. - Rue

Five dishonorable mentions is better than three. - DCfnaf

How bout 5 ngga - AlphaQ

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6 Dates on Comments

Whoever added this is a smart, smart person. I really want this since people STILL think I disrespect opinions nowadays. - DCfnaf

Then I would know the actual day I joined. I said November 11 because of the post comment I made on my first or second day. - lovefrombadlands

We definitely need this! - Aragorn98

This would come in handy - Lunala

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7 A Wikipedia Page

I don't think we need one - Neonco31

It might be good... - Jay12

It's already bad enough we're given a bad name on Encyclopedia Dramatica... Let's not make it worse with Wikipedia. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

We need one. - Jay12

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8 Changing Your Username

I think this is a good idea but I think that if you change your username you need to wait for long days to change it again like if you want to change your name on facebook - RoseCandyMusic

I want to change my name, also. That will be cool. Let us change our names Admin. - Arcxia

I want to change my username so bad. My current one sucks. - Powerfulgirl10

That's why my sister (camisFrog) made a new account (GreyRose) because she doesn't like Animal Jam anymore. - lovefrombadlands

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9 Private Group Chats

I just have a collab account with ProPanda for that lol - WonkeyDude98

I just have a collab account with Du that lol - AlphaQ

10 The Ability to Copy and Paste Images Onto Posts

That would be great. - zxm

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11 Group Chats

Why not try Discord? There is a chatroom for the website there - Neonco31

Good luck with that.

12 A Mobile App

A mobile app able to give you notifications when people message you or comment on your list would be extraordinary. I really think this should be the sites focus because of how technology is becoming. - cjWriter1997

But it could take up space - TwilightKitsune

13 Deleting Troll Entries from Our Own Lists

Depends on how much exactly the item is troll. Things like, adding Nicki Minaj or Justin Bieber on best singer list isn't counted as troll. Though most trolls use these kinds of things. But, it could be based on opinions too. So, where there stands an opinion, that thing isn't counted as troll. No matter how much unpopular the opinion is. Only those are troll items, which CAN"T BE added to there. For example, someone added Taylor Swift on my "Most powerful countries of World War II" list. That item was deleted before it appeared. - zxm

This could work only if we have to give an explanation to why the list doesn't belong. We could delete it first and if the explanation is approved it will stay deleted. - cjWriter1997

Lots of trolls ruin list. I bet that the person who made the Spongebob season 10 list would love it if he could delete all the sexual and abuse ideas on the list added by immature trolls - PrematureTrumpedPermute

Yeah, if they don't relate in any way. - jack2244

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14 Correcting Grammar Mistakes Before Submitting an Item
15 Better Admins

Lol, good luck with this one. - DCfnaf

16 More Customization for Your Profile Page

Yes. Like Interests, Friends (NOT ENEMIES), Favorite Post, Favorite Remix, etc. - DCfnaf

Can't you just write it in your profile though? - Lucretia

17 An Item Remover
18 Links to Videos

This can happen, but the admins only choose when it is necessary. - DCfnaf

There should be links to either music videos or YouTube videos. enough said.

19 The Ability to Moderate List Items

There is already an option for it. Same with this list. See "Error Reporting" on this page. But it must be objective. Subjective list items aren't allowed for it. - zxm

For example this way you can prevent incorrect items from being added to one of your lists - christangrant

I see the good and bad of this choice. - jack2244

20 The Ability to Block Certain Users from Your Lists

I don't really like that idea because I used to not like DCfnaf when I was a noob because he had the opposite opinions as me. (Now he is one of my favorite users because he's nice and we reply stuff and it's cool) I would have blocked him from my lists because he had opposite opinions as me. (I was the worst user ever) But I'm glad he goes on my lists because I just...want people to go on my list, you know. But if you could unblock, then this is a good idea. - lovefrombadlands

No. Everyone has a freedom of speech, given it follows the policy. - ProPanda

No. They have a right to vote on any list. - TwilightKitsune

I think this would be a good idea...

but they'd have to brea the rules in order for you to block them.

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