Top Ten Things that TheTopTens Should Have by 2018

What do you guys think thetoptens should have have 2018? Vote for what you want Admin to give us.

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21 Dates on Lists

Lists don't have date. But it shows how much old it is. So, I don't think its really necessary at this moment. - zxm

22 Send Images Through Private Messaging Without Having to Send a Link

I think you can actually do this but I'm not sure how. - DCfnaf

23 Ability to See Who Liked or Disliked the Comments

Remember when the dislikes appeared on the screen? - htoutlaws2012

That sounds like it would cause controversy and hate. - DCfnaf

You can do that in notifications. - lovefrombadlands

Not really it's just cause more tension. Remeber the dislike buttons, guys? - AlphaQ

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24 The Ability to Create Pages
25 Delete Your Own Account Without Asking Admin

I don't see why we need admin's authority in order to delete our own accounts. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I can delete my nko32 account because I find it cringey but I need to ask admin to delete it - Neonco31

26 Yes/No Commenting Option for Non-Votable Subjective Lists

Yes, what's the point of the list if nobody can comment on it. - zxm

Yesterday I made my first list of this type and I admit this format is useful in some cases. I personally wanted to allow comments but there is no such option. Currently non-votable subjective lists don't allow comments. I think users should have an option to decide whether to allow comments or not.
I guess some of you never used it and maybe don't know how this looks like, so here's my list I am talking about: Top 10 Best Rock and Metal Singers Most People Never Heard Of
(in the list description I explain more things about this types of lists). - Metal_Treasure

27 Adding Descriptions to Movies, Video Games, and Albums

You can actually do this, so you're already covered. - DCfnaf

Admin add this most of the time, automatically. - zxm

28 Fewer Trolls
29 A New Item Category for TV Episodes

There's a lot of lists revolving around episodes of T.V. shows, so I don't see why episodes haven't already been made a category for item submissions. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

30 Suspend Accounts Without Administration

No! People would abuse this. OANW would suspend every user on here. - DCfnaf

Just like above, OANW will suspend all of his because you know the reason already. - Neonco31

NO I've been suspended once and it'll just cause drama. - AlphaQ

31 Delete Other Accounts Without Administration

No, it's like making Disney1994 admin on TheTopTens, he will delete all our accounts! - Neonco31

This is just as worse as the last item involving suspending accounts without administration. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is stupid guys. - AlphaQ

Then my 10 year old self (before I had an account) would delete any account who didn't like 1D because I was obsessed with that horrible band. - lovefrombadlands

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32 Allowing Visitors to Add As Many Items As They Want to Lists

This would benefit good visitors, but of course trolls will abuse it too much. - Lunala

Uh oh, I think I know who added this. And no, this would be awful and so many unfactual items would get on a list. - DCfnaf

No this would mean more troll items to be submitted to your lists a troll has ruined 6 of my lists so far because of this - christangrant

33 Letting a Visitor Know That An Item on a List Has Already Been Added

It should apply to everyone who adds things on list but it does if a item on a list if you search for it - christangrant

34 Justin Bieber Not on Every Worst List

Yeah, JB sucks but what’s up with that person who adds him to every list? - Lunala

35 Any Picture Can Have a Description
36 Ban on Lists About TopTenners
37 A "Like" and "Dislike" Section Next to the Comments
38 Letting Users Change Their Usernames
39 The Ability for Users to Add Images to Items on Lists They Didn't Make
40 A Discord chat

Would make sense - toptenforlife

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