Top 10 Things TheTopTens Should Have

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1 A Chatroom

The main problems: Flame wars and inappropriate messages that will make the job of the admin harder. Maybe consider these problems first since we only have 1 or few admins moderating the site. Update: the state of the community is probably more chill now, so I guess this is necessary.

That would be kind of cool. I could talk to lots of users at once. But then again, it would sort of turn TheTopTens into a social media site. I guess everything has its ups and downs.

Yeah that would be great, I already chat with Cereal Guy on the private messages on the site. It would be pretty cool so we can get to know the other users on the site

Yeah 4 sho, I have like about 6 BFF's on here, we could all chat together it'll be awesome, it could get more Members, the REAL owner should think about this

2 Ability to Change Username

Yes. I don't know how often I regretted having my username as "HaiThere" as of now, I'm okay with it, but Akron17 or something would go better with my profile pic.

We could have it with conditions like what others had mentioned. There should at least be a limit, or something like in Qfeast, if you guys know what that site is. I can't really explain it. There should also be a place somewhere in our profiles where our previous username is written, just to let others know and not make them confused.
I've been thinking of other usernames now, like TheBlackQueen or WhiteQueen (Both Queen references, "The March of the Black Queen" and "White Queen"), but my username's alright, I guess.

I kind of think it's good that we can't, because it would be confusing. Instead, everybody could have a username that stays permanent and a display name that they can change.

Not a bad idea, but there should be limits. Users should have to wait 30 days after their last username change before they can change their username again.

3 A TheTopTens App

Then I can take TheTopTens everywhere, so I can write comments about songs while I am listening to them on the radio, and talk about radio experiences as they are happening to me. Yes please!

Now this would be fantastic. Especially if it covered everything else on this list, like notifications, chat rooms... Its was so difficult to pick! But id love and app, so much!

I am using a phone and I always go through lag when uploading an image or a new list. Ot will resolve all problems for phone users

This would make it so much easier to make actual top ten lists. WHY ARE YOU NOT WORKING ON THIS?

4 Comment Without Voting

If this actually existed, many comments would probably be flagged for being 'unsupportive', so I think the best idea would be to separate the comment section of an item into two parts- one part for commenters who voted for the item and another for commenters who didn't vote for it.

Exactly! A lot of the times I want to comment on something but then I realize that I vote for something that I don't want to vote for.

One time, I saw something that was number one on its list, which I thought was ridiculous, so I tried to comment for that thing and I realized I voted for something I didn't want to be number one.

Why hasn’t this been implemented instead of the new voting system? Like, why would you vote for every comment? If you don’t want to vote for an item, but comment on it, that would be a nice feature. Wouldn’t be surprised if the admin sees no point in adding this feature for whatever reason when it’s clear why this feature could be extremely useful

Exactly. There are many times that I wanted to weigh in on something but didn't want to bump myself (for example) up because I only voted to comment.

5 A Vote Down Button

What I mean by this is a button next to the vote button that can give the item a vote down, making it drop it's ranks. This can be a way to show a dislike in an item instead of rude comments.

Best idea. On a completely unrelated note, I just accidentally pasted a really bad song I wrote onto this comment.

I am not going to like every comment I see. The admin wants us to be like SpongeBob and love everything even stupid Mr. Krabs.

Exactly! You could actually do something about seeing something that shouldn't be on the list!

6 A Notification System

There is already one, but it could be elaborated. Like having a notification for when someone unfollowed you, when you got a like on a reply comment, achieving a HQ or featured list etc. Why has there never been a notification for a user unfollowing you in the first place?

We actually already have this, but there are some improvements I would like to see. When you get a notification about a comment on a list or a reply to your comment, it should show who commented or replied. Also there should be notifications for when someone comments on an item you added to a list.

This should've been made long ago. Notifications when you're lists have been voted, when someone comments on your post, when your comment is thumbed up or down, when you score a new achievement.

I need a notification feature, which can detect the filthy creatures as soon as they enter my profile page, or before they start polluting my inbox.

7 Ability to Design Our Own Pages

This is actually a really good idea. I'd have so much fun with this. Please, the forces that be, make this possible.

This is a great idea! And it's a good way to show off our creativity and what we like.

I would love to have a background picture for my profile or something like that.

Female users would love this! Please I plead to you, Almighty Admin-san to do this.

8 A Point System

A point system for what?
Whenever someone creates a garbage or an attention-seeking list, they should either be disapproved immediately, or 10 points must be deducted from the creator's overall score.

A point system for what? Lists? Users? We already have member scores and lists get scores based on number of votes and remixes

#1 could have 10 points, #2 could have 9 points, etc. and whenever someone votes on that item, it could get a point.

And even people who aren't signed in can earn points! Hey, we can't do anything on here without signing in!

9 Instant List-Approving System

In the past 2 weeks I had 8 lists take over a day to get approved and 2 of them i made them at 1am the night before and then they took over a day to get approved, I hated that it took that long to get approved, I wish they got approved right away, then I wouldn't have to deal with my lists taking over a day to get approved

Low-quality lists are already abundant on this site. They have successfully scared off most people from ever joining this site and have caused them to think that this site is an "autism hellhole". Plus, why do lists related to movies and television always have to be dominated by animated movies and shows? It makes people think that this site is filled with nothing but children.

And then you'd want the list to get deleted. It's up to admin which lists are allowed so we won't get more complaints!

Terrible idea. We already have a bunch of low quality lists on the site, so why do we need more?

10 Username Search

You would have to get an account in order to conveniently search up users. If you're a visitor, you would just have to find a list created by them in order to search them up. It would really be nice if visitors could be able to search for users with something like a user search bar as well.

Well, it's a long time since this came around, but apparently, now you can search for users just by typing in "U: (insert username)" into the search bar.

There kind of is. I just look them up and hope I find a list deciated to them, so I can click on their profile.

We already have one lol

The Newcomers

? Ability to Search for Comments on Users

That would be nice, once I wanted to delete one of my old comments on my old account, and I forgot what the list was called, if I was able to search the comment then I would of be able to delete it when i still used my old account, the comment was deleted when I deleted my old account

? Searching remixes

That would be nice, I have wanted to delete a remix and I had to keep going until I found the remix

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11 An Option to Change the Title of Your Lists On Your Own

That would be nice I made a mistake on one of my old lists titles it would be nice to fix it

I called my list Best Things About 2018 Music. I should have worded that better.

But, admin should still decide whether to approve the changes or not.

Why does this not exist?

12 The Allowing of Profanity

Why do you care so much about profanity? The fact that this site is a relatively clean one makes me feel safer and happier. I use this site as an anxiety and depression coping mechanism. Allowing profanity would destroy that for me.

Yeah, it's a pretty much backdated idea to censor things which are already registered... Like if you censor song names or movie names, that kills a list with stars (*).
Websites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube never censor comments with slangs etc.
Just saying...

I would like to be able to diss justin beiber properly on all websites, including this one.

Don't. Profanity can be abused a lot. I don't want this site to become like Facebook!

13 The Ability to Nominate a User (or Multiple Users) as Admin Democratically

I actually have thought about this one a lot. In the right hands- most of us- bad, unethical lists would actually get rejected and TheTopTens would improve, but in the wrong hands (like a certain Pokemon,) this would be a terrible idea, but overall, I highly doubt we're dumb enough to let that certain Pokemon become admin.

14 A Help Button at the Top

Why though

15 Ability to Delete Your Own Lists

I want to delete my list "Top 10 Reasons Why Steven Universe Is the Worst Show On CN" because I have better list. I also regret making it. I don't even know how the list made it pass the offensive check.
I just want that list deleted. I've changed opinions on the show.

You guys may think some my lists are classic to the site like Characters That Hate Dora the Most but there's one that sucks so much it almost made me almost made me leave but the website is too good

I want to delete my stupid list"Top Ten Reasons Why 2016 Was A Terrible Year For Music" because of the many negative comments and disagreements. Also, I did not like the options of that list.

I've been wanting to delete my list of Top 10 Things to Tell Sword Art Online Haters for quite a while now. It's the worst list I ever made and I hugely regret making it in the first place.

16 Uploading Pictures in Messages

That would be really awesome. You actually can do that. You just have to copy and paste and yada yada yada.

Yea just turn the messaging system into texting on an iPhone, that would be awesome

There are no good pictures only, they could just import it from Google hehe

Well you can do that, but I don't know how to do it.

17 The Ability to Report Users That Break the Rules

This had been taken advantage of. There's one user who reported multiple users for "bullying" him while he's the one who's making pornographic blog post series.

Does already exist, but admin doesn't do anything about it.

There are many trolls on this website.

Someone called Danteem is a reason this is a bad idea.

18 Levels Do Something

Like what? I think the level points system should be removed because it serves almost no purpose, besides keeping an eye on your stats..

Anything. Even if your profile page just sprinkled confetti for a while, that would be a step up from nothing!

Exactly. They don't even do anything.

Yeah, it doesn't do anything at all! :///

19 A "Last Online" Feature

That could separate the long gone users from the current users.

Like so and so was last seen at 6:47. Something like that

On member's pages there could be a last online time, much like on Whatsapp.

This would be great! I wonder when we'll have it!

20 Option In the Account Settings That Changes the Number of Shown Items on Lists
21 Better Searching

I can agree with this one on the grounds of some of my own lists. I made a few lists and tried searching for them and couldn't find them via search feature, which I use to find certain lists. I had to always go to my own profile to see those particular lists. With the auto-complete AND the search function not working the way I expected, I could never view them unless I went to my profile, and that's sad.

The admins definitely need to update the search results. Some lists don't even show up when I try to search them.

Sometimes I have the put my search in quotes ir order for the list I want to show up.

Yeah, the searching system sucks.

22 A Feature That Shows How Many Votes Each Item Has

Makes more sense than percentages

I'm with u, Randomator.

23 More Admins

We have at least five admins using the same account. It's more appropriate to say "more independent administrator accounts" since we're being brainwashed with this "anti-administrator dictatorship" propaganda since last year.

That would be nice to have more admins then lists would probably get approved sooner

The admin is pretty much our dictator. We need more admins to help balance the power.

It's like a tyranny so we need more admins to keep the balance

24 More Dishonorable Mentions

That would be good there is more than 3 items that should be dishonorable mentions

Why is the limit so low?

Like 10.

We really need more of this. 3 is not enough,at all.

25 More Features When You Follow Someone

Yeah followers are completely pointless. There should be more incentive to following people

I don't think this is necessary to be honest.

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