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1 A Chatroom

That would be cool, but more flame wars could happen...
I'll just stay out of it, then. - Misfire

I would love this. I love meeting new people online, and I think that you guys are really nice people and are very welcoming of everyone, especially when I became a new user. Personally I like talking to people who like music, so I think that a music chatroom would be really fun. I am an introvert, but not online lol. - galaxyfox

That would be cool! - Luckys

It really should. - SSByesHotelMariono

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2 A TheTopTens App

We need an app. - MarioMaster101

Site is as user friendly in mobile, so I don't think the app suggestion is necessary. - illusion

I use a mobile phone for browsing on thetoptens, and I'm doing pretty fine.

An app would help spread it around, so would social media.

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3 Comment Without Voting

Everyone needs this! - Misfire

Exactly! A lot of the times I want to comment on something but then I realize that I vote for something that I don't want to vote for.

One time, I saw something that was number one on its list, which I thought was ridiculous, so I tried to comment for that thing and I realized I voted for something I didn't want to be number one. - MaxAurelius

After a decade of this site existing, why not add this feature yet?

Wait, this isn't a feature when you sign up? Why?!

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4 A Notification System

No notifications are annoying - BananaBrain

I need a notification feature, which can detect the filthy creatures as soon as they enter my profile page or before they start polluting my inbox. - Vip3r

It already exists - ElSherlock

Already exists - Randomator

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5 Ability to Design Our Own Pages

Yeah come on why do all our profiles have to look so similar? - Randomator

We need this. I would have worked much fun, I don't just want to write stuff on my page. I want to make it look good. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Ice, ice, and more ice. Did I forget ice? - Cyri

Yes please make this possible so our profile pages look different - Randomator

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6 A Vote Down Button

Would want this back. Don't know why this was removed. (Referring to the dislike button)

Because the new policy sucks and admin is too sensitive about opinions. - Userguy44

There use to be A vote down but it got deleted. - MorlaTurtle8

It got removed - ElSherlock

The website Ranker already does this. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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7 A Point System

Points for what?
Whenever someone creates a garbage or an attention-seeking list, they should either be disapproved immediately or 10 points must be deducted from the creators overall score. - Vip3r

Point system? For what? This listing needs more specifications. - illusion

it would be great 'cause you could give your vote to multiple items! - rock2metal

#1 could have 10 points, #2 could have 9 points, etc. and whenever someone votes on that item, it could get a point. - booklover1

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8 A Friend Adding System Similar to Facebook

That's quite close to the following options. - Misfire

That'd be cool - BananaBrain

Well we have following options - MrQuaz680

The magic of following. - PianoQueen

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9 A Way to Search for Users

It exists. - Misfire

You would have to get an account in order to conveniently search up users. If you're a visitor, you would just have to find a list created by them in order to search them up. It would really be nice if visitors could be able to search for users with something like a user search bar as well. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well, it's a long time since this came around, but apparently, now you can search for users just by typing in "U: (insert username)" into the search bar. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Why does this not exist - Randomator

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10 Instant List-Approving System

Bad idea. What if the list is really offensive or somethin'? - Misfire

Na this is a bad idea, because them people would be spamming low quality list. - 2storm

It shouldn't take forever to approve a list - Randomator

I'm tired of my lists being approved late. - dragon13304

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11 Change Your Votes
12 A Random List Button

Yes, please! That would be a great addition! - Misfire

This would be fun.

13 A Help Button at the Top

Why though - Randomator


14 Uploading Pictures in Messages

You can do that - ElSherlock

You can do that anyway. - Userguy44

Yes please - Redrocky416

That would be really awesome. You actually can do that. You just have to copy and paste and yada yada yada. - RockFashionista

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15 Ability to Delete Your Own Lists

This would be good because what if somebody made a list they didn't know was offensive but was? - MarioMaster101

How about whenever you make a list that you want to remove, you can message admin to remove it. I tried that before and it worked! - DrayTopTens

I've tried it with my Steven universe hate lists and it didn't work.

We really need this! - MorlaTurtle8

You can delete you're self moderated lists - ElSherlock

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16 1v1 Lists

I don't understand...? - Misfire

What? - Randomator

How would this work... - mistyglow

List:1v1 I rek u
List 2#:U WOT M8 - CerealGuy

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17 The Ability to Change Username

That would be so cool. - MarioMaster101

We could have it with conditions like what others had mentioned. There should at least be a limit, or something like in Qfeast, if you guys know what that site is. I can't really explain it. There should also be a place somewhere in our profiles where our previous username is written, just to let others know and not make them confused.
I've been thinking of other usernames now, like TheBlackQueen or WhiteQueen (Both Queen references, "The March of the Black Queen" and "White Queen"), but my username's alright, I guess. - Misfire

This needs to happen under a few conditions. - Randomator

I kind of think it's good that we can't, because it would be confusing. Instead, everybody could have a username that stays permanent and a display name that they can change. - MaxAurelius

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18 The Ability to View a List of Your Replies on Your Profile

We should have replies so I can know when I get my first few replies. - MarioMaster101

We have comments, lists, remixes, post and post comments; this isn't a thing yet? - illusion

YES! I agree with this SO much! - Vancedapurpleguy

Just like you can with comments, lists, posts, and post comments. Maybe for each reply it should say something like "In reply to (the username of the person who left the original comment, or simply "visitor" if they were not logged in)'s comment on (the item the comment was on)" and then the reply. - allamassal

19 More Featured Lists

Yes I’d say 10-20 is a good amount - Randomator

They barely even change the featured list - ToptenPizza

No more garbages in the featured section. The place should be reserved for quality lists, which is seldom created. - Vip3r

20 Have Better Spam Filters
21 Option In the Account Settings That Changes the Number of Shown Items on Lists
22 Better Searching

Yeah, the searching system sucks. - Userguy44

Yeah it needs to be improved - Randomator

I can agree with this one on the grounds of some of my own lists. I made a few lists and tried searching for them and couldn't find them via search feature, which I use to find certain lists. I had to always go to my own profile to see those particular lists. With the auto-complete AND the search function not working the way I expected, I could never view them unless I went to my profile, and that's sad. - NuMetalManiak

23 An Option to Change the Title of Your Lists On Your Own

But, admin should still decide whether to approve the changes or not. - Misfire

I called my list Best Things About 2018 Music. I should have worded that better.

24 Unlimited dishonorable mentions in remixes

I would like to add more than three dishonorable mentions to my lists. - AliciaMae

Then someone could put everything as a dishonorable mention except their 10 favorite things.

In theory the website would be down because of this. This is because that someone can put over a million items in the DHMS (or a billion) - 50

Seriously, there are lists where I want to vote down at least five items, but I can't because of the limit of DMs into 3.

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25 Report or Send A Ban Request

What could possibly go wrong - Randomator

One time on the list of greatest religious figures of all time Satan was on that list. And I wanted to report that to the top Tens to get Satan off that list or ban him or censor him or do something!

People would abuse this feature. - mistyglow

Well, we do have this, but it is only for factual errors, not for inappropriate or racist things.

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26 You Can Take Back Your Vote

You could go back to the list and vote for the other item the next day, though. - Misfire

Eh I guess it could be useful - Randomator

Please! - MorlaTurtle8

Yes PLEASE - Pokemonfan10

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27 The Ability to Report Users That Break the Rules

Does already exist, but admin doesn't do anything about it. - Userguy44

Doesn't this already exist - Randomator

This had been taken advantage of. There's one user who reported multiple users for "bullying" him while he's the one who's making pornographic blog post series.

Someone called Danteem is a reason this is a bad idea. - Skullkid755

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28 An Option in the Account Settings That Makes Select/Certain Messages Not Be Received on the Device

What do you mean by this? - mistyglow

29 Two-Factor Authentication

Some or most of the other sites have Two-Factor Authentication so why not have it on this site?

30 Add More Featured Lists On the Home Page

Yes - Randomator

31 Better Site Design

I'm already satisfied with the current one. - Misfire

it would be pretty awesome 2 choose your own background... juss like bebo - SmoothCriminal

Or, you can just download an extension to change the theme of the site. Of course, you would have to learn a lot of coding just to get there.

I agree. And for those who don't like when people cuss, get over it. It's not hurting your daily life. This is sad though. It needs to be more colorful or something like you can customize it!

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32 Background Profile Decorations
33 Profile Creation Dates

I joined on the day of my birthday, and the day Youtube went down (October 16,2018), so that's easy for me to remember! But, I do see the point here - oneshot

I need this because I always say I joined November 11,but I’m not actually sure.

I kinda made up the day I joined. It’s just the day I made my first post comment, but I know I joined before that. I just don't have an exact day, so it’s close enough! - sadical

34 Ability to Delete Items on Lists

I want to delete items on my lists. Some of them are just lame.

I think I can actually do that - Neonco31

Yes - Randomator

35 Username Change

Please add this. - Userguy44

36 Ability to Edit Items After the List is Created
37 An Option to Hide #1

Why - Randomator

Why would you not want to see number 1? - AliciaMae

This is odd why would you not want to see #1? - PatrickStar

I guess you might want to guess and see if you're right. - PianoQueen

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38 The Ability to Reply On a Comment

Already exists - Randomator

Troll item - DrayTopTens

It doesn't work in some lists though. - Userguy44

You can actually reply to comments but it’s only members who can reply. I think this meant that anonymous people should be allowed to reply which would be nice. - HoldenFanatic

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39 Not Allowing Anonymous Voters to Comment

This item is an utter nonsense. It doesn't make any sense if only the registered members are allowed to vote, this site is for everyone. At least the visitors comment reflects honesty. - Vip3r

Anyone can have the right to comment on their opinion if they want to.

No way. Otherwise the popularity of this site goes down. - HoldenFanatic

Be nice, leave visitors alone. -mistyglow the visitor who logged out

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40 A More Interesting Blog System

Yeah this would be beneficial - Randomator

Like making visitor share their own opinions about the blogs topic.

Like maybe being able to add pictures and videos to blog posts. - cosmo

I do agree since I want to add more atmosphere around my blogs - CerealGuy

41 The Ability to Comment On Something Without Having to Vote for It

Definitely should be here. What if I disagree with something and want to say so?!

Already on the list, but still, this would definitely be AWESOME.

Sometimes I vote something that shouldn't be voted in order to comment what I have to on that item. - SteveKing

Yes! Please! I do not want to vote for items I do not even want to vote for.

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42 Amount of Votes Received Shown

Yeah this would make more sense - Randomator

Better. Percentages are not clear enough. - MChkflaguard_Yt

43 Faster Approving
44 Editing and Deleting Lists

I would like to delete and edit tons of my old list - CerealGuy

A couple months ago, I made a list on one of my favourite singers, Chester Bennington, and it wasn’t until after I made the list when I heard he went and visited a 14 year old fan with cancer. I wish I could put it higher on the list because it’s pretty significant, but it won’t let me. - 3DG20

Please make this admin - RockStarr

45 Make the top 10 start at number 10

There is an option for that. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

You can do this in the settings of ya profile - Kambochia12

You can do this - TeamRocket747

I think I saw this in the "preferences" thing on my profile. - Cyri

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46 A "Remove" Tool

Under a few conditions - Randomator

Only on your own items and lists. I hate seeing silly, unrelated items on lists. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Yes but only On your lists. On other people's lists will cause a huge amount of trolling - RockStarr

This should be number 1. This site really needs this. Please make this.

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47 Comment Addition Dates

Eh, that would be hard to do for the admin. If this was implemented, newer comments would get dates, but older comments wouldn't. It wouldn't really look good to be honest. - Misfire

This would be smart - Randomator

This comment is made on January 6th of 2019. - MrCoolC

That would be really good so people stop bringing up my trash comments from my least favorite month! I could also see the actual day I joined because November 11th is just the day I made my first post comment, which I deleted!

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48 More Admins

That would either be a good or bad thing - Randomator

We have at least five admins using the same account. It's more appropriate to say "more independent administrator accounts" since we're being brainwashed with this "anti-administrator dictatorship" propaganda since last year.

The admin is pretty much our dictator. We need more admins to help balance the power. - NicholasYellow

They are all using the same account, enough said - MChkflaguard_Yt

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49 More Features When You Follow Someone

I don't think this is necessary to be honest. - Misfire

Yeah followers are completely pointless. There should be more incentive to following people - Randomator

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