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181 See the Origin of Items When Searching While Adding an Item
182 Video Translation Feature
183 Have Items of Non-People/Events (Albums, Video Games, Etc.) Have Their Own Page Like Those for People and Events.
184 More Features for Items' Profile Pages
185 Improved Rules, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy
186 Fundraising Features
187 Block People from Adding or Commenting on Your List

For example, if there's a troll on your list, you can block that person and they can't go on your list anymore - Cartoonfan202

188 A "Cancel Vote" Button
189 A Notification Sound

This would be a good way to notify users they have received a message rather than having to always check the tab. - drdevil

190 Feedback Hub

This would be a good way for the admins to listen to feedback and use it to improve the site. It could work in a similar way to the one in Windows 10. - drdevil

191 An Adult Version

Where adult users are able to speak freely about adult issues without fear of upsetting the younger audience. - Britgirl

192 More Respect for the Parappa The Rapper Franchise
193 More Respect For Metroid
194 The Option to Add Info on All Items

When I joined the site, every person or group I added a picture to got a clickable name and I could add infos, such as name and origin, genre, reception and successes.

In the meantime, barely any item I add a picture to gets a clickable name anymore. Now I have already wrote several detailed infos for their pages (e.g. of Ayria, Alexandra, Ardy, Entetainment, Xavier Naidoo, Sunrise Avenue,...) that I can't add on their profile as there is none even though I added a picture.

Furthermore, I wrote detailed updates to my info pages of Kollegah, Farid Bang, Helene Fischer, Sarah Connor, Die Ärzte and Die Toten Hosen, as they deserved way better ones than I initially wrote, but they still haven't been reviewed and updated by TTT weeks and months later.

I want an option to add infos to more items. Maybe not only to people, but also to albums and films (without spoilers of course) so that people get an idea of them and of their standing in the world. - Martin_Canine

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