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21 Background Profile Decorations
22 The Ability to Reply On a Comment

It would be nice if you had the choice to reply to comments that appear on members' profile page instead of on the list the comment was made. - Britgirl

The ability to reply a comment that has been replied to a comment

Guests can't reply


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23 Polls

This would be cool. I mean you can do a poll as a post, but this would be so much more convienent. - Metal2003

24 A More Interesting Blog System

Like maybe being able to add pictures and videos to blog posts. - cosmo

I do agree since I want to add more atmosphere around my blogs - CerealGuy

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25 Better Site Design

it would be pretty awesome 2 choose your own background... juss like bebo - SmoothCriminal

Or, you can just download an extension to change the theme of the site. Of course, you would have to learn a lot of coding just to get there.

I agree. And for those who don't like when people cuss, get over it. It's not hurting your daily life. This is sad though. It needs to be more colorful or something like you can customize it!

I got used to it - SteveKing

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26 A Forum

The Forum was retired because nobody used it many years ago. That was before the site started getting really popular and now users had to use a wikia just to use the forums, which eventually got deleted and now we have nothing do do on this site. Admin should bring it back for the newer users who joined in the past couple years.

People would LOVE to talk on forums and discuss random stuff, and there would be a page for new people :).

I had spent a lot of time on a different forum before creating an account here. So I'd love to see this. - NuMetalManiak

Used to have forum but they remove it since users rarely use it - CerealGuy

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27 An Option to Hide #1

Don't you think it's peculiar and stupid to not be able to see what's Number 1?

I guess you might want to guess and see if you're right. - PianoQueen

This is odd why would you not want to see #1? - PatrickStar

For that DRAMATIC AFFECT - GrapeJuiceK

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28 Report or Send A Ban Request

Well, we do have this, but it is only for factual errors, not for inappropriate or racist things.

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29 The Ability to Comment On Something Without Having to Vote for It

Definitely should be here. What if I disagree with something and want to say so?!

Sometimes I vote something that shouldn't be voted in order to comment what I have to on that item. - SteveKing

YES. Ugh, I don't want to vote on a list that I 100% don't agree with just to comment. - marshadow

Already on the list, but still, this would definitely be AWESOME.

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30 Amount of Votes Received Shown V 1 Comment
31 Make the top 10 start at number 10

Actually that would be a good idea keep the reader interested. - htoutlaws2012

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32 More Admins

We have at least five admins using the same account. It's more appropriate to say "more independent administrator accounts" since we're being brainwashed with this "anti-administrator dictatorship" propaganda since last year.

The admin is pretty much our dictator. We need more admins to help balance the power. - NicholasYellow

It's like a tyranny so we need more admins to keep the balance - Neonco31

33 More Features When You Follow Someone
34 User Moderators
35 Add More Featured Lists On the Home Page
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37 If They Would Blank Out the Curse Words Like This: F***

I've been raised not saying anything worse than "crap," so I am not comfortable with cuss words (I don't care how many times you tell me to get over It), but I also often don't understand what people are saying. This would be great help. - CatCode

This would be great, because it would allow me to cuss on here and not have my comments deleted; only censored so younger folks don't have to deal with it. - Turkeyasylum

They allow this on posts but not on comments or replies. - LightningBlade

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38 Faster Approving
39 The Ability to Report Users That Break the Rules

This had been taken advantage of. There's one user who reported multiple users for "bullying" him while he's the one who's making pornographic blog post series.

Someone called Danteem is a reason this is a bad idea. - Skullkid755

I tought they send the TopTenner message to do that. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

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