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41 Profile Creation Dates
42 Levels Do Something
43 Don't Make the List Creator Make All Ten Entries

What is this the top 8? Heck no. It is the top tens so the lists should have ten items. - Metal2003

Some lists cannot have ten items. Suppose Megadeth made an album of just 7 songs. How do you expect 10 songs on your album list? - LightningBlade

44 Unlimited dishonorable mentions in remixes

Seriously, there are lists where I want to vote down at least five items, but I can't because of the limit of DMs into 3.

Yes - Randomator

NO - Neonco31

45 A Better Background
46 Notification When Someone Comments On Your List

This should be a great addition. - LightningBlade

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47 Make Some Page Colours Changeable
48 An Awards Ceremony
49 More Featured Lists

They barely even change the featured list - ToptenPizza

50 Make Videos
51 Ability to Delete Items on Lists

I want to delete items on my lists. Some of them are just lame. - AnimeDrawer

I think I can actually do that - Neonco31

Yes - Randomator

52 Last Online Times

Like so and so was last seen at 6:47. Something like that - RockStarr

Example. I last logged in at 3:56 PM and when where my comments posted - Neonco31

53 Competitions
54 Username Search
55 Add Colours for Places Below 3
56 Quizzes
57 Username Change
58 Allow People to 'bump' Their List
59 The Ability to Block Replies On Some of Your Comments (Only If You Have an Account)
60 More Achievements V 1 Comment
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1. A Help Button at the Top
2. Uploading Pictures in Messages
3. Option In the Account Settings That Changes the Number of Shown Items on Lists
1. A Notification System
2. A TheTopTens App
3. A Point System
1. 1v1 Lists
2. A Chatroom
3. A Notification System

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