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61 Limited Lists

So one person can't make all the lists and it doesn't become a race. - Metal2003

62 Allow Videos to Be Embedded Into Comments
63 The Ability to Block Comments On Lists

You can already do that by making lists non votable - Randomator

Because you're butthurt with it?

64 Have some TopTenner groups similar to Deviantart

Maybe they have one bobbythebrony made a serial killer fan group - TheKirbyCreeper999

Maybe - Randomator

65 More Items Displayed On a List Per Page

We already have the search list option for this.

66 A "Remove" Tool

Yes but only On your lists. On other people's lists will cause a huge amount of trolling - RockStarr

This should be number 1. This site really needs this. Please make this.

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67 Being Able to Have a "Feed" to See New Lists People You Follow Had Made
68 A Profile Picture History

Yes. I would really like it if I could display my past profile pictures of images of anime characters on my profile page. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

69 A New Title
70 A List Post-Off
71 If You Could Comment On Peoples Profiles and Comment On Lists Without Facebook AOL or Yahoo

Yeah, seriously, that's annoying. I definitely want this! - PositronWildhawk

72 Being Able to Organize Lists In Different Ways Besides Most Popular First
73 To Be Able to Change Your Username

This is on here three times - TheKirbyCreeper999

74 The "Change Your Name" Option
75 Live Feed

It's present on the home page, though there's too much spam voting.

76 Thumbs Down Button for Lists
77 More Notifications
78 Auto-Scroll
79 Better Comment Section
80 Have Better Spam Filters
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1. A Help Button at the Top
2. Uploading Pictures in Messages
3. Option In the Account Settings That Changes the Number of Shown Items on Lists
1. A Notification System
2. A TheTopTens App
3. A Point System
1. 1v1 Lists
2. A Chatroom
3. A Notification System

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