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121 Video updating system
122 Online gaming

This is a list website, not a gaming website. Wants online games? Go on Steam or something. - marshadow

123 A more colourful web
124 Incentives for the Members
125 Personalized Music V 1 Comment
126 User Page Comments

And let the user moderate those comments.

127 Getting to Recent Lists Easier
128 Put an Auto-Censor On Nasty Language
129 More Dishonorable Mentions

I am annoyed by this, I want to put more characters on the worst pokemon characters list in dishonorable mentions because they don't deserve to be hated as much as they do. - marshadow

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130 Justin Bieber as Admin V 1 Comment
131 Ability to Delete Your Own Account

You can delete your account, you just have to ask admin to delete it for you.

132 The Ability to Add Music Samples

I add, like, 100 items to a list. That's much work. The first 7 or so have audio samples added, 2 more habe wrong audio samples of cheap cover versions, instrumental versions or remixes added, and the rest doesn't have an audio sample at all. Makes the list look ugly.
When creating a list, you can add a sample from iTunes. Why can't you do it when adding items? - Martin_Canine

133 Better Site Maintenance
134 Ability to Create a List More Than Once

Since the purpose of the site is to give a view of the popular consensus of a topic (The Top Ten of something), having multiple versions of the same lists would be counter-productive.

Someone searching the internet for the Top Ten Best Movies might come across this site and see a list that is the result of years' worth of voting by members and visitors alike. They would then have a pretty good impression of what most people (visiting this site at least) think the best movies are.

If, however, there were 5, 10, or 100 different lists of the Top Ten Best Movies, they wouldn't really get a good idea of the group consensus and instead be just as well served going to a different website that just has a random list of all movies ever made. - Finch

I would be able to create a list of best AC/DC songs which someone has done already and it would not be deleted that way people would be able to voice their fews of a favorite song or are a big fan of AC/DC or any other band then let them create a vote-able list. I have lots of lists I would like to create and have people vote on them but people have already done them not good please make it so when I create a list that is already done and is vote-able not get deleted vote this up number 1 please the chatroom is so bad when I go on it nobody is online so why have it when nobody uses it - mneilan

I Want This one badly I want to be apart better well known user but all my ideas are somewhat already used Or it gets Merged into something else! - Curti2594

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135 Ability to Vote More Than Once

I'm so happy that I'm able to vote more than once 'cause I love voting.

I don't want it. If it somehow comes to existence, we can make a system in which you can't vote on your lists. - Animefan12

Only 5 votes per list a day in my idea - Neonco31

You can vote everyday now, right? - LightningBlade

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136 A Way to Tell a Person If Someone Else Is On the Chatroom

There isn't a chatroom... - Minecraftcrazy530

137 A "Last Online" Feature

This would be great! I wonder when we'll have it!

On member's pages there could be a last online time, much like on Whatsapp. - EvilAngel

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138 New Accomplishments

We've added a bunch of accomplishments recently - as well as a few "secret" achievements. There are more on the way. - Finch

139 A On and Off Active or Inactive for Accounts Rather a Big Lock Near the Message Button
140 Ability for visitors to make remixes

They actually are, but it doesn't get saved.

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