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141 A YouTube Channel Which Has Video Editions of Familiar Lists

No please...YouTube is has been poisoned by pseudo adventure time fans!

Please not on's full of despicable adventure time fanvideos!

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142 A Ban on Users For Hacking and Bullying
143 You can open up an item and see its rankings on other lists
144 You Can Send Lists to Other Users

We actually have something like this on the books. We are working on a list collaboration feature. It's stay a ways out but it's on the list of projects. - Finch

145 TheTopTens: The Animated Series
146 Voice Messaging Service
147 You Can Play a Demo Version of a Video Game

This site isn't a game website - CerealGuy

148 You Can Watch Trailers For Movies

Again this is not a movie website... - CerealGuy

149 Make Everything Have a Picture
150 Have a Friends List
151 Porn Videos

Most people I see on here are under 17. 12 years old even... Why would thetoptens have this to begin with? - marshadow

This is bad, very very BAD! It will make TheTopTens an 18+ site. I hope this never gets added.

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152 Mosh Pit V 1 Comment
153 Comment Addition Dates
154 Anyone Can Make a List

I have noticed RECENTLY that now you even have to sign in to add an item to a list. If you are signed in, please add something like "Anyone can add an item to a list". We at least have the right to do that. I hope TheTopTens doesn't restrict us even more.

155 Have non-English people in it

Have non-English people?!?! It's mainly English speakers that are keeping this site alive! - Britgirl

156 Add Color Themes
157 Make the List-Of-The-Day System
158 Demolish Hate Lists and Items That Are the Best
159 Make an App
160 MultiLanguage
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