Top Ten Things TheTopTens User Darthvadern Loves About Shrek the Third

You probably know that I love Shrek The Third, and It's very underrated in my opinion, so I made this list why I love Shrek The Third so much.

The Top Ten

1 Prince Charming

He's my favorite Dreamworks villian of all time. - darthvadern

2 Mr. Merlin is funny.

What's so funny about him?

1. He has very little hair which in a weird way makes h I'm look funny and cute.

2. His jokes are funny.

4. He was already good in the film Sword In The Stone. - darthvadern

3 The princess squad

Even though I hate almost every Disney princess, I do think this princess squad was awesomne. - darthvadern

4 The jokes

Shrek: "Where are you going? "
Arthur: "far far away from you."
Me: lol - darthvadern

5 Shrek's dream about having childs

It was so scary when donkeys head turned into a ogre face. - darthvadern

6 The story is pretty dark

This film had the darkest story in all four films, which made it good, It would've been even better if Prince Charming killed someone, it would've been the darkest film of 2007. - darthvadern

7 The part when the dragon gets captured in a net

Great - darthvadern

8 There was no book in the beginning of the film

It's good because the intro is better this time - darthvadern

9 The part when Donkey and Puss In Boots changed voice.

That part was super funny. - darthvadern

10 Captain Hook had a role in this movie unlike in Shrek 2.

The Contenders

11 The dada scene
12 9 Crimes being played in the background in one scene
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