Seeing If I Am An Admired User!

Well hello there, fellow TopTenners! It’s your 74th favorite user, lovefrombadlands, and I change my intro too much. Anyway, I previously did a post that was called “Seeing If I Am A Bad User.” I obviously am a bad user, but now, let’s see if I am an admired user! Without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Be Friendly
I don’t really know if I am a very friendly TopTenner because I’m usually scared to be the first person to message in a conversation, and I don’t know why, but the people who talk to me think I am nice... I think. I’m not very sure about this one, but I’m 13th on Nicest Users.

2. Be Funny
Oh wow, I am the least funny user on this entire website! My post, lists, and comments are boring! I bet you don’t know what this says because you fell asleep from the boringness of this horrid post! Let’s go on to the next thing so you can avoid getting bored to death with my post.

3. Be A Good Friend
Like I said in 1, I’m not really sure if I’m a good friend or not. I mean, I block people! That’s not nice! Well, actually, I only blocked one person. Anyway, I also feel like users only judge me because of how nice or mean I am, but I would prefer it based on my content. I know everyone would rate me 0/10.

4. Make Good And Interesting Lists
If anyone complimented my list, it must be April Fools Day! My lists are worthless and boring! My embarrassing moments lists are boring! People only like my user ranking lists because they are on there! I definitely don’t do this one.

5. Support Other Members
I try to support other users by viewing their posts and letting them know my opinion, but it’s usually just one sentence because not only do I dislike giving criticism, I am bad at it! I try to do this one, but I do not do it very well.

6. Respect Other Members’ Opinions
It has not been happening much in the past, but this April, a lot of users have been adding replies to my old, worthless December 2017 comments and unfollowing me, and they think I am like that now. I will respect your glorious opinion, even if I think your opinion is not so glorious! I will not tell you if I think that!

7: Be Smart
I got 242 on my math map test, is that smart? Probably not. I’m not a very intelligent TopTenner, but there are many other smart users, so you can just ignore me if you are looking for a user who knows a lot.

8. Add Nice Comments
I may do this, but I may not. I make mean comments about Jake Paul and Logan Paul because they’re really annoying. I also make mean comments about myself because I’m a worthless and unoriginal user! However, I make good comments about other users and my favorite music artist.

9. Be Understanding
I always try to understand fellow TopTenners when they send me their lovely message. I always talk to my friends if they need to, and some of their messages make my day. My favorite message someone ever sent me said “Ew, who’s lovefrombadlands?” It was my favorite message, it brightened my day!

10. Dislike Justin Bieber
Isn’t this getting old? Let’s dislike 6ix9ine instead, he’s horrible!

11. Create A Blog Post Series
I have many horrible post series, all equal pieces of uninteresting trash. I’m not sure if having bad posts makes me good or admired though...

12. Create Controversy
Ew, who wants a worthless fight when TheTopTens could be a peaceful community? Not me. A lot of people said it wasn’t my fault, but I feel so bad for the controversy about Puga, DCfnaf, and TheRandom vs. Gen-18. The horrible fight would not have happened if I didn’t make a post about a certain list, and it just made me a worse user in my opinion. That’s why I hate giving criticism so much because whenever I do, it just makes bad things happen.

13. Be Active
I would say I’m quite an active user because I have 5,000 comments in 5 months. That’s about 1,000 comments a month, and that means I have to be a very active user!

14. Don't Say Anything Bad About a Decreased User
I still don’t get what a decreased user is. How can a person decrease? Anyway, I would never say anything bad about a fellow TopTenner. It would probably upset me 10 times more than it would upset them!

15. Like Metal
Why do people have to like metal? I thought you had to respect opinions! Anyway, I do like some metal, but I prefer the lovely alt-pop tune Heaven In Hiding.

16. Be Mean
Why is that a good thing? Let’s try it out, I guess.
Never doing that again...

Anyway, thank you so much for reading my post! I really hope you enjoyed it.



I think to know whether you're an admired user, you just have to know whether people like you rather than following a strict set of criteria. - kempokid

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You're actually 4th on the Nicest Users. - TheFourthWorld

Oh wow... - visitor