Top 10 Things TheTopTens Users Are Wrong About

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1 DubstepLover has no grammar, therefore she has autism and is insane

Well, I'm sorry, DL, but my computer is in Spanish mode, I'm five years younger tan you and I still have better gramar tan you. Nobody here thinks you are insane and autistic. Also, while TheTopTens is going downhill, its still a good site with users who are nice and willing to help you in a time of distress. So, if you don't like the site, you can ask the more popular, nicer users like PosiWildhawk or Brritgirl, or even the younger, newer ones like me.

Autism & insanity is a bit much to describe her, but still, grammar is important.

This is offensive to people with autism, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Well, that's a bit harsh. I wouldn't say insane but autistic? Maybe. I have no clue

2 Minecraft is a good game

So, I guess much better games like Mass Effect or Dead Space would get the number 1 listings someday right?

Again, this is Opinion. I think Minecraft is very Good. But it is ok if you think Minecraft is Bad Game.

Minecraft is overrated, but very fun nonetheless.

This is their opinion on the game.

3 Creepypastas aren't dead

"Jeff the Killer" believed his own hype, and went toe to toe with Chuck Norris.
That is the only thing left of Jeff; his toe.

Maybe not dead, but Chuck Norris kicked their butts so thoroughly, they have run as far away as they could get.

One Creepypasta did not run away when he saw Chuck Norris coming, and is now nothing but Creepypizza.

Well Siren Head took their place.

4 TheTopTens is a good site

In no way do I agree this is a necessarily good site, but this entry just incorrectly points out a wrong opinion. The only wrong opinions out there are the xenophobic ones with purely entitled reasoning.

No offense, but TheTopTens is a pretty bad website in my opinion. If you think it's bad, then why were you still here?

It isn't that bad, the only reason I don't retire is because some people are really fun to chat with.

I didn't mean to comment on this choice as I did before. Please do not put it on your profile.

5 That Justin Bieber is the worst person in the history of the Earth

I'm so glad that the Bieber hate bandwagon became irrelevant at one point.

He isn't bad of a singer he makes catchy songs, and The JB hate is necro-posting at this point.

Bad music does NOT make a bad person.

6 Negative opinion is the only opinion that can't be accepted

Lists like these make me angry. I am sorry, but they do. Can people please stop posting lists like these, PLEASE?!? It's getting ridiculous. STOP THIS INCESSANT ARGUING. Stop making lists about how wrong everyone is. It's funny how this particular addition covers opinions not being accepted because this whole list is one big ball of UNACCEPTANCE. It's the pot calling the kettle "black", people.

It's annoying. There's some days were people aren't beaming rays of sunshine.

7 Dragon Ball Z is a bad show

Dragon Ball Z is awesome! Goku and everyone is awesome. Chaoitxhero, the show is awesome!

Again, that's their opinion.

8 Emojis are acceptable

I don't see anything wrong with emojis. However, it gets annoying when people overuse them, such as in this instance, hit that like button if you up

I used to overuse them sometimes as a visitor. I regret it a lot now.

Why wouldn't they be?

9 Everybody is stupid
10 TheTopTens has a good community
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11 Grammar makes you superior

I have very good grammar. Seriously, I'm not one of those people that go around saying that, and I'm also not trying to brag, but I am a grammar bot...

It does, because you would look unprofessional if you don't have good grammar. And why does this list make some subjective declarations of what is "wrong"? Right and wrong don't exist.

Internet Nazis? I guess the superior master Aryan-I mean Grammar race rules the Internet!

If you use it in certain ways, then yeah, it does.

12 The idea that Gravity Falls is the only good Disney Channel show

This was not one of their better shows. I mean Gravity Falls was not. But we HAVE gotten better shows since then. Right now the best show on Disney Channel is Sydney to the Max, and another good one is Coop & Cami. But, there were other good shows before these: Good Luck Charlie, Girl Meets World, Best Friends Whenever, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Andi Mack. Liv and Maddie was still the best one though.

Gravity Falls is probably the only Disney Channel show that I've never seen anyone hate on. I prefer Zack and Cody, and Good Luck Charlie though.

Are you trying to impersonate Disney1994 or something? Because you're sure acting like it right now.

Not. Kim Possible is one of the best Disney shows.

13 The idea that My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is the worst cartoon ever

I get that it's not for everyone, as it's a kids' show for little girls, but are we REALLY saying Sanjay and Craig is better than this show? Or other worse cartoons such as Breadwinners, The Problem Solverz, and Allen Gregory? Thankfully Breadwinners is the #1 worst cartoon in the list of Worst Cartoons, but My Little Pony is usually high on every worst list. The Worst Cartoons and Worst TV Shows both have it in the Top 20 and it shouldn't even be Top 100 Worst TV Shows. There might even be over 1,000 worse TV shows and cartoons. Also, the fans aren't ALWAYS bad people. Even if they're over 20 and male, it doesn't mean that they're gay. Can't grown men like cartoons? It's only bad to like BAD cartoons like Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig, Mega Babies, and others.

It's not the worst. There are other horrible cartoons. It's not bad at all. Whoever added this one to the list has credit and whoever proposed this idea must get a life NOW!

Most users who think this probably just overhate on this and other little kids shows just to be "edgy".

I don't know that the show is bad, but the fans are flipping horrid.

14 The idea that shows like Gravity Falls and Invader Zim are better than shows like Liv and Maddie, Teletubbies, and iCarly

Gravity Falls and Invader Zim are not good shows. They are both bad and overrated. iCarly is a mixed bag however. I do think that Teletubbies is good because it's kid-friendly and sweet. iCarly tries to be sweet sometimes too, but it can be really mean-spirited and annoying. Liv and Maddie faces similar problems. However, I like Liv and Maddie better than iCarly because it's more of a family show and is more realistic. But it too could be mean-spirited and annoying. However, Gravity Falls and Invader Zim are REALLY mean-spirited and annoying. I think that Liv and Maddie was great BEFORE it got gross and annoying like other shows on Disney and Nick. Too many kids' shows these days are mean-spirited, stereotypical, gross, and annoying among other problems. Teletubbies is only annoying if you hate baby shows. I think Liv and Maddie would be better than Teletubbies if Liv and Maddie didn't have the same flaws that are in every modern teen sitcom. I didn't like seeing the sisters get sick ...more

If by mean spirited you're talking about how Gravity Falls is boy obsessed, don't worry, she gets better.

Teletubbies freaks me out. Especially that sun with the baby face. *shivers*

Id prefer Gravity falls over any of the other ones... jjust saying.

15 That some users should be blindly idolized and beyond criticism
16 Grammarless people are kids

I don't has Good Grammar. That not means I am Kid, I am Above 13.

Bad grammar makes you act like a kid, though.

17 That things that are socially unacceptable are wrong

Who are humans to draft morals? For all we know, the most heinous of crimes could be just as 'wrong' as the least indictable! After all, with such lack of consensus in the world, there is no real 'right and wrong' to draft any opinion.

18 The idea that Frozen is one of the worst movies of all time

So, The Human Centipede and Where the Dead Go to Die are better than Frozen? I don't think so. Frozen was the last great Disney movie not from Pixar, Marvel, or other studios. The only great Disney movie not from Pixar and other studios after Frozen was Frozen II. The others? Not so much. Big Hero 6 was sad, Zootopia had a lot of violence, Moana was just weird, and Ralph Breaks the Internet? *shutters* I didn't like the original Wreck-It Ralph either. Again, too violent. Also, there are other Disney movies that are considered to be better than Frozen that are worse. Fantasia and Alice in Wonderland come to mind. I don't like them. Fantasia is boring, and Alice in Wonderland is mean-spirited and annoying. It should be Alice in Wonderland that's considered to be the most overrated Disney movie ever, not Frozen. Frozen deserves its praise. Fantasia is the other most overrated Disney movie, then the others. So, My Most Overrated Disney Movies list:

1. Alice in Wonderland
2. ...more

It;s not the worst, but it's not that great.

Not the best but not the worst.

19 Anime is not a cartoon

Also, why do people act insulted when someone says anime is a cartoon? There's nothing wrong cartoons

Anime means Japanese animation. Take note.

That's what anime is. A type of cartoon.

If it's animated, it's a cartoon.

20 That this list is a good list
21 ROBLOX is for kids

Just because it is appropriate for kids does not mean it is for them.

22 People with Unpopular Opinions are Trolls

I has a lot Unpopular Opinions. That not means I am Troll. Some People have Unpopular Opinions like me.

I hate it when people think this.

23 The idea that The Big Bang Theory is better than Liv and Maddie teaches you how to be good partners no matter what happens? I mean, did Bernadette and Howard MEAN to get pregnant? No (I think). They had the baby regardless and went through the ups and downs of raising it. It was hard. But what motivated them? THEIR LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER. Shows that love can conquer anything. So, in conclusion, it may not be as obvious compared to Liv and Maddie but the Big Bang Theory has good family and friends values. But regarding which is one's right, no one's wrong. SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY ABOUT TV SHOWS. And if you don't like what they say, don't respond. Please.

Liv and Maddie is honestly better. What's so bad about twin sisters who are best friends? There are always family values in the show. These sweet sisters stick together through thick and thin. Now what does The Big Bang Theory have on the family and friendship values of Liv and Maddie?

It is. It's awesome.

24 The idea that Gravity Falls is the best show ever

It really is not. Haven't you people heard of I Love Lucy or Leave It to Beaver? Those are the kinds of classics people should praise. Not Gravity Falls.

The fans even put this on the "Worst Things That Happened In 2016" list. Christ! What's wrong?

Basically what I said about Minecraft minus the last part.

Not that bad, just little bit overrated.

25 That The Fox and the Hound is one of the worst kids movies

OK, I looked and there is a low listing for "The Fox and the Hound" on the list of Worst Kids' Movies. But on the other hand, I saw basically EVERY Disney movie is on that list. And every Disney movie is on the list of Worst Disney Movies of All Time. So, why do Disney classics always get put on every worst list? The Fox and the Hound, Dumbo, Bambi, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Frozen, and Inside Out are on all kinds of worst lists about movies. Plus many more. Then when Frozen is on every worst list, everyone acts like it DESERVES IT like it's the Sanjay and Craig of all animated movies. Um, no it isn't. That would be something like Foodfight! or Norm of the North. And I saw some people said that they think that these movies are childish and immature, but they really are not. There is a really sad scene in "The Fox and the Hound" that is meaningful. It is the part with the sad song "Goodbye May Seem Forever". The Widow has to leave the fox behind in the woods for his own ...more

The fox and the hound was great!

That was a good movie!

Eh, I didn't like it.

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